Flora and Fauna of the taiga

Taiga is also known as the boreal forest or conifer forest, as the main characteristic of this biome are the wooded formations and the combination of these with fresh weather environments. If you are curious about it, do not miss the following article by to know what the taiga is and its characteristics, in addition to the climate and the flora and fauna that inhabit it.

Geographical location of the taiga

Where is the taiga? The taiga is just below the tundra and borders south with the steppe. It covers regions in northern Russia, Canada, Europe and Alaska. This biome is unique to the northern hemisphere of the earth.

The landscape of the taiga seems uninhabited and the atmosphere is very quiet. It can be surrounded by snow-covered mountain chains. Large tree extensions and cold weather offer an atmosphere of calm and in contact with nature.

Now that you know the location of the tundra and taiga, let’s see what climate it does in the taiga.

Climate of the taiga

Although it is less cold than the tundra, the taiga ecosystem in winter can preserve temperatures of -54oC. In summer it can rise to 19oC but the constant temperature ranges from 0 to 5oC. It doesn’t rain much but there’s a lot of moisture and the decomposing process occurs very slowly.

Flora of the taiga

In the ecosystem of the taiga there are forest formations of conifers, being the largest forest mass on the planet. There are lichens, mosses, pine trees, birch trees and fir trees. The leaves that make up the conifers are needle-shaped and contain a kind of wax that protects them from freezing.

They are dark-colored because they absorb the heat from the sun and use it to carry out their photosynthesis process. The trees are formed of perennial leaves, that is, in the form of an inverted cone, which allows the snow not to be stored in the leaves and thus avoid breaking the branches by weight.

Fauna of the taiga

Due to very cold temperature conditions, several animal species migrate to warmer latitudes. In the fauna of the taiga we can find the following animals:

  • Brown bear
  • Wolf
  • Comadreja
  • Zorro
  • Moose
  • Lince
  • Gato rides
  • Visón
  • Rabbit
  • Marta
  • Squirrel
  • Deer
  • Hawk
  • Owl

How to store taiga

As a result of the uncontrolled logging, large expanses of taiga have disappeared endangering the integrity of the species that inhabit there. There are endangered animal species such as marta or mink due to the high demand for their skins for the manufacture of clothing and fashion items, mainly coats and accessories for the cold.

This is currently being controlled by some organizations around the world, but due to the great profits made from the sale of these products, many choose to prioritize their economic interests and not worry about these species that are disappearing.

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