Argentina: Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego area

There is a lot to experience in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. Sailing among whales and seals, walking in national parks, visiting the Perito Moreno glacier, you name it. This part of Argentina is worth visiting. To the south lies Patagonia, which is bordered in the west by the southern part of the Andes


You can easily reach the Northern Patagonian lakes from Aluminé. About 180 bird species live on the shore of Lake Pulmari. The exclusive Piedra Pintada Resort is also located here . Another hotel that is recommended is Pehuensia . ( Address : Ruta 23/Capitán Crouzelles)
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Bosque Petrificado

The modern city of ComodoroRivadavia in the south of the Chubut province, located on the Atlantic Ocean, is the starting point for excursions into the world of the petrified Patagonian forests. The Bosque Petrificado José Ormaechea can be reached via Ruta 26 and Ruta 20 to Sarmiento.

Cabo de Hornos

Sailing trips to Cape Horn , to the legendary Isla de los Estados and through the Darwinkordillere glacier all start in Ushuaia.

Cerro Fitz Roy

Walking in the shadow of the imposing towers of Fitz-Roy-Massivs. These walks start in the small town of Chaltén, located 200 kilometers north of Calafate. You can reach the base camp of Cerro Torre from here in a day hike. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the Patagonian Andes, at an altitude of 2,500 meters.

Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)

Whether this archipelago belongs to Great Britain or Argentina is not a question for the Argentinian. Since the British occupation in 1833, almost no Argentine government has given up their claim to sovereignty. For Argentina, it is mainly about gaining access to rich oil and krill deposits and access to Antarctica. The problem was not solved by the Falklands war in 1982. It is a core foreign policy problem for Britain and Argentina. Britain maintains a naval base on the islands and the residents of the Falkland Islands have broken off all contact with the residents of Argentina.
The direct flight connections from Argentina to Port Stanley were interrupted by the war. Lan-Chile does fly to the islands from Punta Arenas on Saturdays. The gigantic albatrosses and the elegant King Penguin nest here.

Parque Nacional Los Glaciares / Glaciar Perito Moreno

The enormous Continent Glacier, which was still a growing concept until a few years ago, is best visited from Calafate. The imposing Glaciar Perito Moreno is 250 kilometers long, 4 kilometers wide and has an area of 195 km2, which is the same size as the city of Buenos Aires. Calafate is a small town with a modern airport and numerous hotels and restaurants. From here, bus tours and walks on the glaciers, as well as boat trips to more than 100 glaciers in the Los Glaciares National Park, are organized.
This glacier landscape arises from a huge ice field of 22,500 km2. The western side of the Andes allows the ice to flow in a glacier form until it melts into the great lakes Viedma , Argentino and San Martín . In the natural park you can spend the night in Hostería Los Notros , with an incredibly beautiful view of the glacier.
Throughout Patagonia, archaeologists have found rock paintings, hunting scenes, human images and handprints. In the haunted caves Punta Gualicho near Calafate, the paintings, which were created 4,000 BC, are extremely beautiful.

Tierra del Fuego National Park

On a plain of 630 km2, the Tierra del Fuego National Park offers mountain ranges, rivers, deep valleys and dense forests as well as rocky river coasts. The park is especially suitable for birdwatching: Here you will encounter wild geese, albatrosses, oystercatchers and other birds, such as the Magellan woodpecker. The Condor also lives here.
Ushuaia is the starting point for excursions, which is also the capital of Tierra del Fuego. Tierra del Fuego is an island in the far south of Argentina.

Peninsula Valdes

The lively port town of Puerto Madryn is the gateway to the Valdés Peninsula and its fascinating wildlife. With an area of 3,625 km2, the nature reserve provides protection for numerous animal colonies. A piece of land, Istmo Ameghino, is connected to the coast and possesses the bays of Golfo San José and Golfo Nuevo . If you drive along Ruta 2 and 3 streets, you will come across all the points of interest. From the observation tower of the information center you have a view of the entire area.
Ten kilometers south you reach the Puerto Pirámide valley with steep coasts. From May to November boats leave here to visit the Valley of the Whales. The whales rest in winter off the coast of Patagonia, which protects them from the wind in the relatively warm water. The enormous animals mate here and care for the newborns until they are prepared for the long journey across the oceans to Antarctica.
In the east of the nature reserve, elephant seals, sea lions and penguins have found refuge. In the far north, in Punta Norte , live the only Continental colony of elephant seals in the entire world.

Punta Tombo

110 kilometers south of Trelew lies a 3.5 kilometer spit of land in the Atlantic Ocean and provides an ideal spot for breeding Magellan penguins. Here is the largest penguin colony outside Antarctica with several million animals.

San Carlos de Bariloche

A visit to Bariloche takes travelers to Argentina’s Switzerland. The city is surrounded by lakes and mountains at an altitude of 770 meters above sea level. The large lake Nahuel Huapi offers many opportunities for fishing, sailing, water skiing, and kayaking.

Valle de los Dinosaurios

The Dinosaur Valley, located in the east of the province of Neuquén, is one of the richest places in the world where items from Patagonia have been found. The dinosaur trail passes through petrified forests, past the footsteps of prehistoric animals and through local museums. Visit the skeleton of a 13-meter-long carnivorous Gigantosaurus carolinii and the fossil bones of a 40-meter-long vegetarian Argentinosaurus huincelensis . You can also take a look at Lago Barreales where the fossils found are displayed on site.
Plaza Huincul is home to the Carmen Funes Dinosaur Museum . ( Address : Ruta 22/Ruta Provincial 17)

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