Importance of holidays and rules regarding holidays

Vacation is nice, vacation is relaxing – when it’s good – and vacation gives you the opportunity to be lazy. It is not a privilege, but a right and in fact a must to recover from the daily busy work and recharge for a new year. Although we now recognize its importance, it has not always been self-evident that people could take paid holidays. What’s up with that?


Working twelve to fourteen hours a day and a six-day working week, it seems obvious that you also have a holiday. However, Karl Marx’s son-in-law, Paul Lafargue, was the first to speak about the right to laziness in a French magazine. In this article he made a plea for fewer hours of work and days off in a day. This would make employees happier and therefore ultimately more productive.
However, it took until 1910 in the Netherlands before holiday pay was introduced. The striking plumbers and construction workers achieved this. After this strike, more sectors followed and introduced paid holidays. During the same period, the month of May was also set to pay out the money. The reason it had to be May had to do with encouraging the money to actually be used for the holiday. The standard for holiday pay that we use is eight percent of the gross annual salary, unless otherwise agreed in the collective labor agreement.
Source: Gellinger, Pixabay

Vacation is a necessity

Although not everyone goes out and perhaps spends some of their holiday money on making changes to the house or replacing something expensive that has broken, being free is very important. This can also be done at home, because the point is to let go of the hectic pace of work for a few weeks and catch your breath again. Having your mind on completely different things or, unfortunately, not many people can completely turn that switch and do nothing at all for a while, being lazy.
Although we have started working fewer hours and no longer have a six-day working week for a long time, there is pressure on people. The pressure is just different than in the past, because for many it has turned from a physical pressure into more of a mental pressure. Too few people can de-stress during the weekend, because during the weekend we often have to do so much (often from ourselves or our immediate environment) on a private level.
Life is not a vacation. When you approach it that way

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