Beachmasters: sunny party holidays for young people

Anyone who studies party holidays for young people will immediately come across Beachmasters. It is an organization that makes it possible for young people to party in a sun, sea and beach environment. Add in famous artists, popular tourist attractions in Europe and many activities and you have the Beachmasters formula. They claim to give you the time of your life, but how do they actually do that? What exactly is Beachmasters as an organization and what do those holidays actually look like?

  • The organization behind the youth trips
  • Where can you go on the Beachmasters party holidays?
  • Create your own Beachmasters holiday
  • The search for your ultimate Beachmasters party holiday


The organization behind the youth trips

If nothing is necessary, everything is possible. That is the Beachmasters slogan. It is also clear from the employees of the organization that this is the culture that also prevails within Beachmasters. Every destination has tour guides who, just like the target group, are enthusiastic and like to dance, have a drink and have fun.
Beachmasters is part of Sundio Group. An umbrella organization with a collection of travel organizations from all over Europe. Organizations that are well-known in the Netherlands include GOGO and Sunweb. Sundio, which has offices in Zurich, Rotterdam and Gerona, is active in the following countries: the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.
Sundio would like to become the market leader in holiday providers in Europe. They achieve this by combining unforgettable and unique holidays with the best prices. Sundio’s corporate culture also plays a role in this. As an organization, for example, they strive for transparency, a unique approach and continuous innovation of its products.

Where can you go on the Beachmasters party holidays?

With Beachmasters you can go on holiday to a number of different countries within Europe. These are the following countries in 2016:

  • Bulgaria
  • France
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Croatia
  • Malta
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Turkey

Some of these countries also have multiple destinations to choose from. The most popular destinations from these countries are:

  • Sunny Beach (Bulgaria)
  • Hersonissos (Greece)
  • Albufeira (Portugal)
  • Lloret de Mar (Spain)
  • Mallorca (Spain)
  • Blanes (Spain)
  • Salou (Spain)

To promote the various Beachmasters holiday trips, they all have their own social media channels. This will contain photos of the parties and activities, so that holidaymakers can find them later. The tour guide team of that destination will also be presented in the spring.

Create your own Beachmasters holiday

The slogan if nothing is necessary, everything is possible is represented in the way of celebrating holidays at Beachmasters. If you book a trip with Beachmasters to Albufeira (Portgual), for example, you can choose upon arrival how many activities and parties you will participate in. There is a wide choice of packages, so you can put together your own party agenda. Based on the package of activities you choose, you can make your holiday as busy or quiet, cheap or expensive, full or empty as you want.
Possible activities during the Beachmasters party holidays include:

Pub crawl

On the evening of arrival, the Beachmasters tour guide will take you and all your travel companions to the coolest bars, clubs and discos in your destination, where you will be welcomed with a welcome drink or shot. The evening ends in a large disco where you can party until the sun rises, or until you need a nice night’s sleep.

Dutch party

Beachmasters always has a Dutch party at every location, where the color orange naturally predominates. Together with Beachmasters you show what the Dutch are capable of. This is often a party with a well-known guest artist.

Relaxing cruise

Because partying under the warm sun for a whole week is tiring, you can also count on a little relaxation at Beachmasters. You can go out to sea on a large sailing boat or catamaran for a nice swim, enjoy a barbecue or get a nice tan.
According to former Beachmasters travelers, a package with many activities has one clear advantage and one clear disadvantage. The advantage of a full agenda with activities and parties is the guarantee that you will meet a lot of nice people and have contact with others more quickly. The disadvantage of this is that there is less time to do your own thing. After dining in the evening, you may have to hurry so as not to miss the start of the pub crawl, for example.
The range of activities that Beachmasters offers you depends on the size and popularity of that destination. Popular destinations such as Albufeira (Portugal) have many different parties, activities and a large group of tour guides. This is less so at other less popular destinations. In addition, this also depends on the period. Naturally, the offer is greater during the high season than at the end of summer.

The search for your ultimate Beachmasters party holiday

Looking for a fun party holiday destination can be difficult. That is why there are different ways to orient yourself:

  • To start with, as is common on travel agency websites these days, there are reviews . In addition to information about a specific hotel or apartment, it often also contains information about the location and the surrounding area.
  • aftermovies ‘ are becoming increasingly popular on video sites such as YouTube . People turn their holiday photos and videos into video reports, in which you get a good idea of both the hotel or apartment and the location.
  • Many popular tourist destinations such as Mallorca also have their own websites aimed at tourists. This not only contains the sights that are worth seeing for you, but also more information about the area, culture, (public) transport and other important information.

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