Argentina: Buenos Aires area and East Coast

Argentina, a huge country with many sights. Read here what you can do in the Buenos Aires area and the east coast.

Buenos Aires


Many estates, called estancias , invite you to party in the country in the Buenos Aires area. At the Estancia Cabaña La Tarde, guests are greeted in the morning with empanadas and tea. Then they go over the fields and meadows with a sulky. Rural life also includes a stately asado (Argentine barbecue), guitar concert, polo and other equestrian games and pig races.
Name : Estancia la Tarde
Map Argentina / Source: Public domain, Wikimedia Commons (PD)A large park surrounds the beautiful country house of Estancia Villa María. Driving and an asado are part of the program. It is possible to stay here overnight.
Address : Máximo Paz, Ruta 205

La Plata

The provincial capital La Plata is located 50 kilometers from Buenos Aires. In 1882, a modern city with architectural concerns emerged. The most beautiful walk through the city starts at the Plaza Moreno where the cathedral is located, a New Gothic work from 1885. The monumental windows are reproductions of the church windows of Chartres in France. A visit to the Museode Ciencias Naturales is worthwhile, especially for its unique collection of fossil mammals. ( address : Paseo del Bosque)

San Antonio de Areco

Time seems to stand still in San Antonio de Areco. In the 16th century, the entire region was given to Spanish conquistadors and later divided into estates where horses and cattle were bred. In the museum village Parque Criollo y Museo Ricardo Güiraldes, several buildings that the poet Ricardo Güiraldes immortalized in his Don Segundo Sombra have been preserved .


Río Paraná delta begins 30 kilometers north of Buenos Aires . The delta, which covers approximately 2,600 km2, is a vast island world. The southernmost arm of the river is the Río Luján , where the left bank lies before its mouth in the city of Tigre. An approximately 100 km2 protected nature reserve stretches between the rivers Luján and Paraná: Paraná de las Palmas . Boat trips and walks led by scientists are possible, ending the day with an overnight stay at the campsite. ( address : Viamonte 610, 1st floor)
Tigre is often referred to as Venice. Boats transport products from the region, especially fruit, through the tangle of water, and colorful markets invite you to spend hours browsing. On board a small excursion boat you will go to the island in delta. Numerous travel agencies in the capital offer excursions to Tigre.

The East Coast

Mar del Plata

Barranca de los Lobos
20 kilometers south of Mar del Plata you will find a sea lion colony in the natural environment, near a stone beach.

Cariló and surroundings

The most beautiful place on the entire tourist coast: Cariló. The town is located about 120 kilometers north of Mar del Plata. Dense forests between the houses provide seclusion. The streets are not yet paved, and the city also has its own architectural ideas. New projects will fit harmoniously into the overall picture.
10 kilometers north lies the large holiday town of Pinamar , with all the services that cannot be found in Cariló. About 10 kilometers south is the larger Villa Gesell , from where you can leave over the dunes by Jeep or beach buggy. ( address : Pedro Cuevas, Av. Buenos Aires/ Circunvalacíon) 276 steps lead to the 54 meter high lighthouse. The view is beautiful, the lighthouse is already 64 meters above sea level. Overnight accommodation is possible here.

San Clemente del Tuyú

Estancia Juan Gerónimo
Halfway between Buenos Aires and San Clemente you will find the estancia on a 40 km2 wide area. It is an ideal place for birdwatching on the lagoon, where you can view almost 60 different bird species. It is possible to book a two-day tour with scholars. ( address : Reconquista 617)

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