Quebec: in and around Lac Saint-Jean and Saguenay

There is a beautiful lake in Quebec, Canada: Lac Saint-Jean. There are many beautiful villages and many sights around the lake. For example, there is the Saint-Félicien zoo with bears and wolves; Mashteuiatsh, an Indian village with Montagnais Indians and an eco-museum; the ghost town of Val-Jalbert with the beautiful Ouiatchouan waterfall; the villages of Jonquière and Chicoutimi and in the fjords fairytale villages such as Sainte-Rose du Nord and Tadoussac. In short: for those who love unspoilt nature, villages where time seems to have stood still, French that sounds super funny and very friendly people, this part of Quebec is a true paradise.

Saguenay and Lac Saint-Jean

Lac Saint-Jean is, as it were, an inland sea connected to the Saint-Laurent by the Saguenay River. You will find the Saguenay and the Lac Saint-Jean in the Canadian province of Quebec. In Quebec, a funny, archaic French called joual” is spoken. Saguenay is also a city

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