Sights in the Cannaregio district of Venice

Of the six districts or sestieres of Venice, Cannaregio (‘High Reeds’) is perhaps the least known and also the least visited by tourists. The native Venetians live here. However, the district does have a lot to offer – in a much quieter setting than, say, San Marco or Dorsoduro. There is a beautiful museum, the Galleria Giorgio Franchetti in the beautiful Ca’ d’Oro, where the beautiful ‘Saint Sebastian’ by Andrea Mantegna can be admired. The district also offers beautiful churches, such as Santa Maria dei Miracoli, i Gesuiti and the Madonna dell’Orto.

Table of contents

  • Santa Maria dei Miracoli
  • Galleria Giorgio Franchetti (Ca’ d’Oro): the most beautiful museum in Cannaregio
  • Santa Maria Assunta (Gesuiti)
  • San Marcuola
  • Madonna dell’Orto: masterpieces by Tintoretto in Venice
  • Sant’Alvise

A . Santa Maria dei Miracoli
B . Ca’ d’Oro
C . Chiesa dei Gesuiti
D . San Marcuola
E . Madonna dell’Orto
F . Chiesa di Sant’Alvise

Santa Maria dei Miracoli

The Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli is just 200 meters from the Santi Giovanni e Paolo, the largest church in Venice. However, the difference in style and finish is enormous. Santa Maria is a small, very austere church. Here you will not find paintings or statues by big names such as Titian, Bellini or Donatello. What does the church founded in the fifteenth century have to offer? Simplicity in balance. The church is one of the first Renaissance churches built in Venice. The Gothic style was dominant in the city for a long time. The foundation of the church revolves entirely around a painting by Niccolò di Pietro of the Blessed Virgin. Miraculous powers were attributed to this painting, hence the name of the church. The church has incredibly finely crafted marble . The altar is so finely and delicately chiselled that one can hardly believe that it is made of stone and not of dust. One of the sculptors involved was probably Pietro Lombardo. The church is also the favorite church to tie the knot – the photos can no longer go wrong.
Source: Didier Descouens, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA-4.0)

Galleria Giorgio Franchetti (Ca’ d’Oro): the most beautiful museum in Cannaregio

The beautiful Casa d’Oro – Golden House is located on the Grand Canal. It was built in 1434 in a distinctly Gothic style. The building was decorated with gold leaf and beautiful paints, giving it the name ‘Golden House’. Due to the passage of time, the decorations have disappeared. The building came into the hands of Giorgio Franchetti, scion of a wealthy family of art collectors, at the beginning of the twentieth century. He donated the building and his art collection to the Italian state, which almost immediately turned it into a museum. This is the Galleria named after Franchetti. The entrance prices are very modest by Venetian standards: about 6 euros (in 2016).
The Ca’ d’Oro collection is not very large, but it is certainly of high quality. It is more suitable for people visiting Venice for the second or third time. Highlights from the collection include the Portrait of a Gentleman of Brignole by Anthony van Dyck . The Antwerp native painted the canvas during his stay in Italy in the 1620s. He depicted a scion of the wealthy Brignole family in black clothing. Another beautiful painting is Saint Sebastian by Andrea Mantegna (1430-1506). It is probably the last work of the famous painter. Vasari wrote about him: He showed how painting can represent figures from below in foreshortening better than before: truly a complicated

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