Nashville (Tennessee, USA), what are the sights?

Make an unforgettable visit to Nashville. Nashville is the capital of the American state of Tennessee and it is located on the Cumberland River in the north of the state. The city is a center for music, health, banking and the transport industry and is home to numerous schools and universities. Nashville, also called Music City, has a lot to offer the visitor; southern cuisine, surprisingly large hotels and of course music, music and more music. It’s the perfect place for a few days away or to visit as part of your road trip. It is a city that is large but manageable, many of the tourist attractions are within walking distance of each other.

The main attraction of the city

It’s difficult to choose because there is so much to see and do, but the Country Music Hall of Fame stands out. Even if you are not a fan of country music, it is a fun museum to visit. People often forget how broad the concept of country music actually is and how much impact the crossover songs have. With a visit to the museum, music lovers will discover how much more connected they are to country than they think. It is also a very beautiful building; you take the elevator up and then walk back down via several floors. It is set up so that you can decide how quickly or slowly you walk past the sights and it is easy to skip something that does not interest you. The building opened in 2001, it is nicely designed and worth seeing. Like many other Nashville attractions, it is located in the heart of downtown Nashville, a center that is very walkable.

Other sights

The museum sets the tone, Nashville is serious when it comes to music. Stars like Faith Hill, Jimmy Buffet, Ashley Judd and Dolly Parton have homes here, and downtown Music Row is an area home to countless studios, record labels and event agencies. Elvis recorded more than 250 songs here. Also interesting to visit is Music Mile, with the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, the Music City Walk and the Bridgestone Arena. Also important is the Grand Ole Opry, the weekly live radio show is the longest running radio show in America, since 1925. The Opry is now a major entertainment company including restaurants, a shopping center and hotels, but the origins of the Opry show lie in the Ryman Auditorium, built as a church in 1893 and now a protected monument. Concerts and performances are held regularly here at the Ryman and seeing a show at the Ryman is for many the highlight of a visit to Nashville. You can book a daily backstage tour here.

Honky Tonks

But for most visitors, the place to experience the city and the music is really in the so-called Honky Tonks in the center. A street full of entertainment; with one restaurant after another with live music, played by the stars of tomorrow. What makes Nashville and its Honky Tonk bars really unique and different from New Orleans French Quarter, Beale Street in Memphis or Austin is that in Nashville it goes on all day long. Usually you have to wait until the evening for live music, but here you can go into a bar at 1:00 PM and see some great acts. This is perfect for a visitor with little time because a visit to a bar with live music fits into any schedule. You can go to the Country Music Hall of Fame in the morning, have lunch and then see different bars and acts in the afternoon, all before heading back to your hotel to freshen up for dinner, and then you can go to the Honky Tonks go. The bars are inviting and easy to find, they are all next to each other. Roberts Western World is recommended to visit with its relaxed atmosphere, cozy decor and good musicians. Nashville is surprisingly large, one of the largest cities in America, the area is almost 1000 square kilometers with 10 counties in the area. Most tourists don’t notice this because it has a very easy to reach and drive center. Perhaps the strangest attraction is the Parthenon, the world’s only full-size replica of the original in Greece.

What about the food?

Nashville has nice restaurants, one of them is the Catbirg Seat, so named because there are 32 chairs in a U-shape around the open kitchen, dining with a view of the kitchen. Traditional food is a must, Nashville is famous for two things when it comes to food. The first is the meat and three” restaurants where visitors choose a dish from a menu

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