Summer Activities: What to do in the summer?

Summer is the best season of the year for many people. For schoolchildren, one holiday follows another. Many parents take vacations every now and then to be at home with their children. Because many people fear that they will become bored during these short periods of rest, a list of activities often comes in handy. Source: Andreas160578, Pixabay

To go fishing

Fishing is considered one of the most relaxing activities. You do need some equipment to fish, but most of these supplies do not cost much or can even be found for free in nature.

Make a fishing rod with your kids

If you have children who would like to go fishing, you can first let them make their own fishing rod. Just make sure you have some fishing hooks and fishing line on hand. It is very difficult to catch a fish with ordinary wire and an improvised fishing hook. As a float you can use a cut cork, or a very small piece of wood (too large a piece of wood would not sink when bitten). The fishing rod is the easiest part. A regular branch is often sufficient. If you do not have access to this, you can always use a broomstick.

A cheap fishing rod

A second option is to buy a cheap fishing rod. The price of a regular bamboo fishing rod is often not too bad. These can be found in fishing shops and sometimes even supermarkets. (Although this is more of an exception.)

Finding bait

Fishing lure can simply be purchased in the store. However, there are some cheaper alternatives that give almost the same (or better) results. This way you can use old bread. Take a small piece of bread between your fingers and roll it into a nice ball. You can then place this on your fishing hook. Another option is to use corn. A third, more intensive method is to look for live worms. If you want to catch worms, you can look for a soft, preferably wet, surface. Start tapping the soil with your fingers. There is a good chance that after a while some worms will appear above the ground, which you can then catch. (Or you dig a hole and pick them out of the ground.)

Studying stars

In summer it is very pleasant to study the stars at night. Due to the higher temperature, you can sometimes even stand in your garden at night in a T-shirt or other light clothing. Studying stars is most fun if you find a place with as little light pollution as possible.

Spotting shooting stars

Many people enjoy spotting shooting stars. This is especially cool in the company of some friends. In addition, looking for shooting stars often strengthens the bond between friends. Find a good, dark place, lie together in the grass (or on a camp bed or air mattress) and stare at the sky. You will notice that great conversations will soon follow, while occasionally someone will say that he has seen a shooting star. If you really want to see a lot of shooting stars, it may be worthwhile to look at the sky around August 12 (Perseids) or around October 21 (Orionids).

Studying the movement of stars

If you take a photo of the starry sky every night around the same time, you can make a very nice collage with the help of a computer. This way you also notice which celestial bodies move and which remain in the same place in the sky. You can also try to make a star map of the visible stars. Take a pen and paper and try to write down the visible stars as best you can. Look for the different constellations. Before you know it you have a little piece of art in your hands.

Search for celestial bodies

Kind of like ‘where’s Wally’, but harder. Some planets are hidden between all those little shiny spheres. With binoculars (or a telescope if you have one) you can see a lot more of the sky. Look for the different planets. On the internet you can often find which planet is visible and when, so that you don’t search in vain. Be sure to try to spot the ISS.

Working in the garden

If you have a garden, this may sound familiar to you. There is a lot to do in the garden in the summer. Just think of mowing the lawn, weeding, shaving the hedge,… Fortunately, the warm temperatures ensure that these can become pleasant tasks.
Source: Unsplash, Pixabay

Practicing water sports

Anyone who lives close to an outdoor swimming pool or pond can make good use of this. Exercising in the summer can be very difficult, partly because it is starting to get warmer. Water sports help cool your body, allowing you to exercise longer and more comfortably. Various water sports that are easy to organize are: water polo, water basketball, underwater hockey, etc. (actually any regular sport, but in or under the water.) If you want to do a certain sport in a public swimming pool, be sure to ask the operator whether you receive permission for this and where in the swimming pool this is possible. You don’t want to be kicked out of the pool.

Camping (in your garden)

This is many children’s favorite. Camping in the garden may seem ridiculous, but their imagination will turn this into quite an adventure.

A tent

First of all, a tent must be set up. This is also the ideal opportunity to show your children how this works. Encourage them to help where they can. Because camping takes place in your garden, the tent does not necessarily have to be of high quality, you can even improvise it completely. (They can simply escape into the house if the weather is really bad.)
Source: SolGar, Pixabay In the evening
If you are lucky enough to be able to make a campfire in your garden, you can make a campfire in the evening. Bring marshmallows with you to end the day in a very cliché way. If you are not allowed to make a campfire, you can all cozy up in the tent and end the day well with the help of a creepy story and some light effects.

Attend a festival

Summer is also the season of festivals. However, the larger, but also more expensive festivals are not an option for everyone. Not only because of the high cost, but also because they sell out very quickly. Fortunately, there are many smaller park concerts and festivals in Belgium and the Netherlands. If you search on the internet you will soon find a lot of possible festivals.

What to bring?

If you visit a festival, there are some things that can certainly come in handy. Only take with you what you really need that day, because you want to pack as light as possible.

  • Cash money (bank machines are not always guaranteed)
  • Passport/ID
  • If there are tickets, don’t forget them
  • A raincoat
  • Earbuds
  • Sunglasses

Source: Blickpixel, Pixabay

Go on a bike ride

Nothing is more fun than a good bike ride in the middle of summer, be it with a regular or electric bike. Especially in the Netherlands, all locations are very nicely indicated, often even with the distance to the destination clearly stated. In Belgium it is a little more difficult and it is recommended to use the junction network. (You can find beautiful junction routes on the internet.)
Be sure to take plenty of water with you during your bike ride, because you will quickly become very thirsty in warm weather. It can also be very nice to bring a blanket and a picnic. Once you have reached your destination, you can have an extensive picnic there.
When going on a bike ride, it is always recommended to take some extra money with you, in case your bike gets damaged somewhere. This way you can always go to a bicycle repair shop.

Have a BBQ

This is of course a classic. Holding a barbecue does not require much preparation, except for the purchase of charcoal and meat. Make a tasty vegetable mix, fry the meat on the barbecue and enjoy. So you see, there are a lot of things to do in the summer. Most important of all: enjoy the nice weather.

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