Pismo Beach and Kingman: relax during your tour

A tour of the west coast of North America is a dream of many. Visiting big cities such as San Francisco and the famous Hollywood is on many lists. A visit to the national parks of North America also appeals to the imagination. A pitfall is that people do not think about how overwhelming all this is. How wonderful it would be to take a moment between all the highlights and process what you have experienced on your trip. Pismo Beach in California and Kingman in Arizona are ideally suited for this.

Pismo Beach

Get a breath of fresh air on the beach

Pismo Beach, a town in sunny California on the Pacific coast. According to the 2006 census, this seaside resort has more than 8,000 inhabitants and is located halfway on the route from Los Angeles to San Francisco. A place to relax after all the overwhelming North America has to offer. With its beautiful beaches, beautiful sunsets and many recreational opportunities, it is the right place to relax.


Pismo Beach is located in the middle of California, in a place where the sun often shines. Pismo Beach has long, white beaches that are perfect for long walks or watching the many surfers and the sunset. Visit the quaint shops along the way to Pismo Beach Pier and visit the Calofornia Welcome Center to learn more about the area. For those who prefer not to sit still, there are several options for an active holiday. Go horse riding, play waves, ride a quad through the dunes, fish on the pier and if you dare, you can brave the ocean yourself with a surfboard.

Food and drink

There are many (sports) cafes and restaurants near the beach. Pismo Beach is famous for its Clam chowder. This is a cream-bound fish soup served in a round bun. The restaurant that serves the best Clam chowder is the Splash Café. Please note: you are not the only one who wants to taste the award-winning Clam chowder. There is often a long line around the corner of the restaurant.

Stay overnight

Pismo Beach is a popular seaside resort and therefore has several dozen hotels. A hotel tip for a not-too-expensive overnight stay is the Oxford suites. This hotel has a quiet atmosphere with its small apartments located around a swimming pool and warm hot tub. The rooms are large and fully equipped. In the morning, an excellent breakfast is served that can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors.


Pismo Beach is located in California. California is the most populous of North America’s fifty states. After Alaska and Texas, California is the largest state in size. When you think of California, you usually think of sun every day. However, there is a lot of climate difference within the state, making it difficult to indicate an average temperature. In August, Los Angeles experiences an average high temperature of 30 ℃, while San Francisco has to make do with an average high temperature of 20 ℃. Developments in the state of California have had a major influence on our culture. Namely the film industry, hippie culture, the internet and the PC had their origins here.


One of Arizona’s hidden treasures

Kingman may seem small at first glance, but this city in the Grand Canyon State has a population of over 27,000 according to the 2006 census. The town was founded in 1882 and later became part of the historic and well-known route 66. Visit Kingman between the destinations of Grand Canyon and Los Angeles, as you will have a long journey ahead of you if you do not make a stop. In addition, Kingman is the right place to take it easy and talk to locals.


Kingman has become famous for its location on route 66. A museum has been set up about it. The museum is full of items and photos from the time when route 66 was supposed to be a road to a better life. In addition to the Route 66 Museum, Kingman has a historic art museum that exhibits artifacts from the original inhabitants of the United States. If you don’t mind a short drive, then a visit to one of the ghost towns near Kingman is worthwhile!

Food and drink

Kingman has unique bars and restaurants. Drink root beer (sweet soft drink with vanilla ice cream) in 1950s style at Mr Dz Route 66 Diner. If you fancy an ultra American meat dish, go to the Rednecks southern Pit BBQ. The staff is friendly and it is the perfect place for a beer and a real piece of meat.

Stay overnight

Kingman has several options when it comes to accommodation. The hotels and motels are often designed for short stays. The Quality Inn is a great location to relax. It is a small-scale hotel and has spacious, clean rooms. It also has a swimming pool and excellent breakfast options. The staff are friendly and work hard. Would you prefer a hotel with a more modern look? Then the Ramada Kingman is a good choice.


Kingman is located in the state of Arizona. Arizona has a rich history. The area used to be inhabited by Indian peoples and later explorers entered the area. Arizona has a southern location and borders Mexico. The state is known for its beautiful nature. When in Arizona, a visit to the Grand Canyon should not be missed. A helicopter flight over this natural wonder is pricey, but one you will never forget.


Pismo Beach and Kingman are recommended for anyone passing through the west coast of North America. Many famous places in this area are worth a visit. Pismo Beach and Kingman can be part of a dream itinerary that includes San Francisco, Los Angeles, the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Las Vegas. On such a trip you would probably prefer to sleep as little as possible in order to see as much as possible. Yet the advice is: think about opportunities for relaxation, this will contribute to an ultimate feeling of happiness!

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