Camping in an inflatable tent is easy and fun

Many people prefer to go camping in the summer. Many choose a tent to enjoy nature. A tent is easy to transport and one can stay in one place or go trekking. There are many different types of tents for sale and now we also know the inflatable tent. In these tents, the slots are filled with air using a supplied pump. If you have access to a compressor, setting up such a tent can be done in no time.

  • Choice of camping with the tent
  • Advantages of an inflatable tent
  • Disadvantages of an inflatable tent
  • Suitable for the elderly
  • Pump 12 volts
  • Pump 230 volts
  • Awnings that can be inflated
  • Repair


Choice of camping with the tent

In the summer most people go on holiday. Many then choose a campsite and simply want to camp with a tent. Especially with children, camping in the summer is a good choice and most children will have good memories of it later. What could be better than eating outside with your feet in the grass and going camping in the evening? But elderly people also sometimes switch from a caravan or camper to a simple tent. Camping is becoming increasingly luxurious but also easier due to the multitude of items available. When you walk into a camping supplies store, you immediately notice that there are many different types of tents available. You can choose a trekking tent, a tunnel tent or a dome tent. There are now also inflatable tents for sale that are very easy to set up. They are also called inflatable tents. You can choose from various major brands, such as:

  • Karsten tent
  • Vango tent
  • Kampa tent
  • Decathlon
  • Obelink tent


Karsten tent

A very well-known company is Karsten’s company, which has been around since 1974. This company, which is already very familiar with tents, is the inventor of the inflatable tent. Karsten also supplies tents to the Red Cross and the army. Karsten makes cotton tents in various sizes in her own workshop. You can make your own choice about how the tent should be made. Of course, this comes with a hefty price tag. A Karsten tent guarantees years of camping pleasure. You can also contact Karsten if you need to have your tent repaired. Karsten’s inflatable tents are beautiful tents that come with a compressor.

Vango tent

The English company Vango has been around since 1966 and has inflatable tents that are made of polycotton and provide good protection in bad weather conditions. There are already tents for four people, but also very large models. As an example: a four-person tent weighs 29 kg and can be expanded with awnings. Several large stores sell these tents, which can also be ordered online.

Kampa tents

In addition to inflatable tents from Vango, the Frans de Witte company in Houten also sells inflatable tents from the Kampa brand. There is already a four-person tent for sale with a weight of 17 kg.

Decathlon tents

Decathlon inflatable tents are available in various types. They can all be inflated with the air pump that is supplied. There are also small inflatable tents for sale that weigh only 6 kg and which can also be taken on the bike. Handy for trekkers. There are also larger inflatable tents for sale, such as a tent for six people weighing 20 kg. All Decathlon tents can withstand wind force 6.

Obelink tents

The Obelink company, which is located in Winterswijk, sells its own brand inflatable tents in addition to well-known major brands. Here you can find a four-person tent made of polyester and which is easy to set up with the specially supplied pump. The air pressure is 0.7 bar. The total weight is 18 kg, but larger models are also for sale. A visit to the showroom is an outing for the whole family because there is always something new to discover in the field of camping.

Advantages of an inflatable tent

An inflatable tent has many advantages such as:

  • The tent is simple and easy to set up
  • Setting up is very quick
  • Can be set up in principle by one person
  • No more lugging around tent poles


Easy to set up

The big advantage of an inflatable tent is that it is quick and easy to set up. This also makes the inflatable tent very suitable for short holidays or even weekends.

Disadvantages of an inflatable tent

There are also disadvantages to an inflatable tent, such as:

  • Great weight of the tent
  • Difficult for cyclists because they also have to transport the pump


Suitable for the elderly

This tent should be suitable for older people, but the weight makes the tent difficult to transport. Inflating with a foot pump does require some force. Fortunately, there are other aids such as electric air pumps. But the industry does not stand still and there are now also inflatable tents that are much lighter in weight. You no longer need a heavy pump, but the supplied foot pump will suffice.

Pump 12 volts

The pump is an important tool to set up the tent properly. It is often possible to inflate the tent with a 12 volt pump that is connected with clamps to the car battery.

Pump 230 volts

A 230 volt pump comes with a slightly longer cord and can simply be plugged into the socket at the campsite. These pumps are especially suitable for heavier inflatable tents. It is important to be well informed in advance about the possibilities of the heavier pumps.

Awnings that can be inflated

In addition to the inflatable tent, there are also awnings for caravans that can be inflated. These can be transported in the caravan and easily set up at the destination. We also see awnings for small camper vans that are very useful when you need some extra space.


Things can also go wrong with inflatable tents. However, the slots can be removed and repaired in a workshop. Sometimes an entire trench needs to be replaced, sometimes a minor repair will suffice.

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