Rome: art, culture, fashion and good food

The saying “many roads lead to Rome” is true. The city has two airports, just outside the city. Motorways and domestic roads, as well as international and national trains; everything ends at the capital of Italy. Rome has a lot to offer for everyone . A climate with plenty of sunshine all year round. Art, culture, fashion and good food. Not to forget Vatican City, the headquarters of the Catholic Church. Add to this the fact that more than 2000 years of history are, sometimes literally, stacked on top of each other and you have a city trip you will never forget.


  • Traveling within Rome by public transport
  • Roma pass and omnium pass: many benefits for the visitor
  • Book online in advance
  • Walk through the Rome open-air museum along art and culture
  • Vatican City: the world’s largest church, a museum, the Sistine Chapel and the Pope
  • The Colosseum: the symbol of Rome
  • Castel Sant’ Angelo: imposing castle on the Tiber
  • City trip to the capital of Italy: too many sights to mention


Traveling within Rome by public transport

If you plan to see and do a lot in Rome, it is best to leave the car at home. It is very difficult to find a parking space in the city. On the other hand, public transport is very well organised. There is an extensive network of metro, buses and many taxis. From the largest airport Fiumincino (where most travelers arrive), you can take the train and bus to the city center. By train you arrive at Rome’s central station: Termini. This is also a junction in the city’s metro network. Even if you are at a campsite outside the city, transport to Rome by bus is easy. Take the bus to a metro point on the edge of the city and from there to wherever you want.

Roma pass and omnium pass: many benefits for the visitor

If you plan to stay in Rome for a few days and visit a lot, it is interesting to purchase the pass(es) below.

  • Roma Pass . This gives you a significant discount at sights and you can enter two attractions for free. You can also use the pass to travel unlimitedly by bus and metro within Rome. NB! The pass is not valid for transport to and from the two airports.
  • Omnium pass . This allows you to take the hop-on-hop-off bus for free and visit the Vatican City. The hop-on-hop-off bus is a bus with an open roof that passes all the highlights of the city. You can hop on and off wherever you want, or ride the entire tour. Vatican City is officially another state within a city and therefore a different pass is required.


Book online in advance

It is useful to book the pass(es) online in advance at home. You will then receive a voucher with which you can collect the pass(es) in Rome. This is possible at the airport and various points in the city. For example, at the ORP pick-up point number 9 on the square near the Vatican. The costs for the attractions and traveling by public transport can add up considerably in just a few days. The cost for the two passes is approximately €100 (in 2016). You get this out of many visits to sights. So definitely worth considering.

Walk through the Rome open-air museum along art and culture

Rome is a big city. But if you are used to covering long distances on foot, it is a wonderful way to see a lot. A surprise awaits around every corner. A statue, church or other monument. Just sitting on a terrace on one of the many beautiful squares is a real pleasure. While enjoying a snack and a drink, you can watch life on the street pass by. There are many nice eateries, where they serve the tastiest things. The Italians themselves also often eat something on a terrace. Or take some time for a cappuccino or latte macchiato. Buy a good map of the city and/or a guide in the form of a booklet in advance. These are useful tools to help you look something up.

Vatican City: the world’s largest church, a museum, the Sistine Chapel and the Pope

The sheer size of Vatican City is hard to comprehend. Vatican City is a state within the city of Rome. It only becomes clear how big it is when you walk around. Opulence and decorations are impressive and incredible in number. The square in front of St. Peter’s Church, the museum and the Sistine Chapel with the world-famous frescoes by Michelangelo are the most visited.
Vatican City does not have its own metro station. It is best to get off at Ottaviano metro station. From there it’s a bit of a walk to St. Peter’s Square. It is always busy, but especially at Easter and on other (holiday) days when the Pope speaks, it is actually impossible to see anything decent. Here too, take into account safety checks.
Source: TravelCoffeeBook, Pixabay

The Colosseum: the symbol of Rome

Probably the most famous symbol of the city of Rome. It was built in the first century AD as a gift to the residents of the city of Rome. In the distant past, huge crowds (55,000) watched bloody spectacles of animal and human fights here. The Colosseum consists of several floors, giving you a good idea of how the Coloseum is constructed. The Colosseum has its own metro station. The hop-on-hop-off bus also stops here. Because a security check is also held here before entry, there can be quite a queue.

Castel Sant’ Angelo: imposing castle on the Tiber

A very robust castle, beautifully situated on the Tiber River, which flows through Rome. The castle was originally built to defend the city, but was later used as a palace for the Pope. It is now furnished as a museum. Once you get to the very top, there is a beautiful panorama over the city. The castle is not far from Vatican City. The hop-on-hop-off bus stops here.

City trip to the capital of Italy: too many sights to mention

Walking around Rome is like walking through one large open-air archaeological museum. There is too much to mention. And you go from one thing to another. You can see many of the sights, especially by using the hop-on-hop-off bus. If the kids get bored eventually, there is an option to get off at Spanga metro station and follow the signs to Villa Borghese. This is a large park bordering the center of Rome. Bicycles can be rented, you can sail in boats, or take a ride on an old train. There are various carousels for the little ones. From this park you can walk straight down to the city center. Via the famous Spanish steps. From there, the next destination might be the famous Tivoli Fountain.

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