Venice: a dream in the middle of the water

When people talk about Venice they mean the old historic city that is located in the middle of the water. The city has a very strong attraction for tourists from all over the world. It is not without reason that Venice is visited by 12 million people every year. Venice is unforgettable for every visitor. The Grand Canal, St. Mark’s Square and the Rialto Bridge are well-known attractions. But the gondolas, the countless bridges, the ever surprising views and beautiful squares with the nicest terraces, complete the party.


  • How to get to Venice?
  • Sailing through the lagoon to Venice
  • Airport and cruise ships create extra crowds upon arrival in the city
  • Venice from the highest point
  • Famous sights of Venice: St. Mark’s Square and the Rialto Bridge
  • Sailing through the Grand Canal and other canals
  • Gondola ride
  • Walking in the middle of the water


How to get to Venice?

You can travel to Venice in different ways. Many people visit Italy by car. Then your own car is an option. But you can also choose to go by train or bus. There is a good and extensive railway network in Italy, so you can travel to Venice by train from almost anywhere. The same applies to the bus. Because Venice is surrounded by the water of the lagoon, it is connected to the mainland by a large dam. Just before you reach this dam, you pass through a very large industrial area with many petrochemical industries. The contrast couldn’t be greater when you enter Venice later! There are large parking lots just in front of the city, at the end of the dam. The train has a terminal station at the front of the city. The buses stop at a square right next to here.

Sailing through the lagoon to Venice

Another option is to take a boat through the lagoon to Venice. This can be done, for example, from the fishing town of Chioggia, a trip of about 1.5 hours. A charter can be booked at the fishing port at the dam that connects the seaside resort of Sottamarina with Chioggia. There are also scheduled service connections. You can also take a boat to Venice from various other places around the lagoon.

Airport and cruise ships create extra crowds upon arrival in the city

Venice is one of the most famous sights in the world. There is an airport on the mainland. The large cruise ships that cruise on the Mediterranean Sea also call at the city. They even have their own terminal. When you enter the city it looks very busy. But that’s mainly because trains, buses and cars all come together from one point. Later, while walking in the city, it splits automatically. And although the famous buildings such as St. Mark’s Square and the Rialto Bridge are very busy, just two streets away you can also be alone or with a few other people.

Venice from the highest point

Actually, Venice is one big highlight. To get a good idea of how Venice is built up and what its location is in the lagoon, it is best to literally look for the highest point. This can be done by climbing the Campanile on St. Mark’s Square. If you do this, you have to join an often long line of people waiting with the same idea. However, from the opposite bell tower of San Giorgio Maggiore you also have a beautiful view and it is much less busy.

Famous sights of Venice: St. Mark’s Square and the Rialto Bridge

When one says Venice, one often immediately thinks of St. Mark’s Square. This world-famous square is also the beating heart of the city. If you haven’t been to St. Mark’s Square, you haven’t been to Venice, according to the saying. But of course this city surrounded by water offers much more. Many people go straight to one of the famous sights. But while walking or sailing you will also pass all the highlights, but in the meantime many more fun things will be discovered. And just like anywhere else in the world, the street life is often the most rewarding!

Sailing through the Grand Canal and other canals

Due to its location in the middle of the water and the many canals in the city, Venice is ideally suited for sailing. It is really teeming with boats and dinghies. The skippers’ attention cannot slacken for a moment. There are several options for sailing through Venice.

  • Vaporetti . These are scheduled services that sail on the Grand Canal. There are different routes and many entry and exit points. Handy for getting from one attraction to another. You can choose different types of (day) tickets. The boats can sometimes be very full.
  • Water taxi . These smaller boats take someone wherever they want. Just like a taxi on land. A big advantage is that the water taxi can go where the Vaporetto cannot. In every conceivable canal and at every conceivable mooring. The disadvantage is the high price. Whether one is moved over a longer or shorter distance, the asking price is quickly €50 or more (in 2016).

Source: Barni1, Pixabay

Gondola ride

There are locations all over the city where you can take a gondola. The beautiful, narrow, shiny and beautifully decorated black decorative boats. A gondola can accommodate a maximum of six people. The price is very high. Often 80 (in 2016) for a trip of 30 to 45 minutes. A gondola ride is often taken by couples in love, who enjoy a romantic sail through the small canals and under the many bridges. The gondolas are moved by a gondolier, who uses an oar to move the boat everywhere using a special technique. Sometimes they also sing songs and tell something about the city during the trip.

Walking in the middle of the water

Venice can also be explored on foot. Make sure you have a detailed map, because the many alleys, squares and bridges all look the same in the long run. Even if you want to visit all the highlights, this is easy to do. Take into account at least a 10 km walk and many stairs. This is also great to do with children. If you lose track, you can quickly find your way back thanks to the yellow signs on the walls of the buildings, on which are the names of the most important highlights of the city. For children, walking through Venice with a map in hand is like a big treasure hunt.

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