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The town of Sulden is located in the Stilfserjoch National Park (Stelvio Pass), 1906 meters above sea level. The Sulden valley (Solda in Italian) is surrounded by the Ortler massif and the highest mountain, the Ortler. In winter, Sulden is a beautiful winter sports resort, but in summer you can also enjoy walking in the mountains. Several cable cars take visitors into the mountains for these walks. Because Sulden is located in the north of Italy and in South Tyrol, the main language is German. But Italian is also spoken by the population, although German is their preference.

Table of contents

  • Location of Sulden am Ortler
  • Ortler massif
  • Cable cars in Sulden
  • Mountain huts and the walks to them


Location of Sulden am Ortler

Sulden is located in a valley at an altitude of 1906 meters in the Province of Bolzano in Trentino South Tyrol (Alto Adige). Because the valley is surrounded by mountains of the Ortler massif, there is only one entrance into the valley. You can reach the valley via Travoi (the road from Prad am Stilfserjoch to the Stelvio Pass). The town of Sulden is located at the very end of the valley. Due to the high location of the valley, skiing is possible from November to May. As a result, there are no campsites in the valley. There are several campsites in the adjacent valleys. The Suldental itself has more than enough hotels to stay in both summer and winter. It is a winter sports resort, but there is also plenty to do in the summer. The valley is best known for the mountaineer Reinhold Messner. Messner brought the yak back from his travels in Asia and grazes it in Sulden during the summer months.
Source: Tobe Deprez, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA-3.0)

Ortler massif

The Ortler Massif is the highest mountain range in South Tyrol and Lombardy. Part of this massif is even located in the north in the Swiss region of Graubünden. The southern part of the massif extends to Meran (Merano) and in the west to Val die Sole. The Stelvio Pass and the Gavia are passes in the Ortler massif and are often climbed during mountain stages in the Giro d’Italia.


Mount Ortler is the highest of the entire massif. At 3905 meters it towers above the other peaks of the mountain massif. Before South Tyrol became part of Italy, the Ortler was even the highest mountain in Austria. The other high mountains of the massif are located mainly in the south and west of the mountain. On the north side of the mountain are the valleys Sulden and Travoi. The northwest side of the mountain is covered by a large glacier called the Oberer Ortler Ferner (Vedretta Alta). The top of the mountain is frequently climbed by mountain climbers, especially in the summer. The Ortler is most often climbed from the Payerhütte (3029 meters altitude). You can also climb the Ortler via the Hintergrathütte. The mountain was first climbed by Josef Pichler in 1804.

Cable cars in Sulden

In Sulden there are three cable cars to go into the mountains:

  1. Seilbahn Sulden (Funivia Sulda)
  2. Langenstein Sessellift (Seggiovia Orso)
  3. Sessel lift Kanzel (Seggiovia Pulpito)


Seilbahn Sulden

This large cable car is the largest aerial cable car in the world (in 2003) and is located at the back of the valley. This cable car consists of four large cabins, each with room for 110 people. A total of 440 people can be transported up or down at once via the cable. This cable car goes up in two parts. The intermediate station is at 2172 meters where you can choose to get off. The second part of the cable car takes you to a height of 2581 meters. For people who don’t feel like taking the cable car, it is also possible to cycle up the road under the cable car.

Langenstein Sessellift

Sessellift Langenstein is located on the right side of the valley in Sulden and is a chairlift. This chairlift takes you to an altitude of 2330 meters.

Sessellift Kanzel

The Sessellift Kanzel can be found on the left side of the village of Sulden. This chairlift takes you to an altitude of 2348 meters.

Prices and opening hours 2018

cable car

opening hours

Seilbahn Sulden

From 27-06-2018 at 8:30 am, 12:45 pm, 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm. One ride on Saturday at 7:00 am

Sessellift Kanzel

From 16-06-2018 from 8:30 am to 12:20 pm and from 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm


From 14-07-2018 to 26-08-2018 until 5:50 PM

Seesellift Langenstein

From 16-06-2018 from 8:30 am to 12:20 pm and from 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm


From 14-07-2018 to 26-08-2018 until 5:50 PM


cable car

type of ticket

price adult/guest card

prize child

junior/senior price

Seilbahn Sulden

Uphill or downhill middle station

11.00 / 10.00




Uphill and downhill middle station

13.50 / 12.00




Mountain or valley top

15.00 / 14.00




Mountain and valley top

19.50 / 18.00



Langenstein and Kanzel


11.50 / 10.50





11.00 / 10.00




Up and down

15.00 / 14.00



Combi Seilbahn Sulden and Langenstein

Mountain and valley. One up, the other down

16.50 / 15.50



Age limit for tickets

  • Senior: From 60 years
  • Junior: 15 to 17 years
  • Children: 6 to 14 years
  • Children under 6 years old are free


Mountain huts and the walks to them

There are restaurants at all three cable cars. There is also a restaurant at the middle station of the Seilbahn Sulden. For hikers, there are plenty of options to walk from these three cable cars to other mountain huts. Some walks are easier than others. The difficulty of the walks is indicated in colors on the walking maps of the area. Blue is an easy walk and red a tough walk. Walks with a red dotted line are even more difficult and in some places have steel cables for extra safety for the walker. Furthermore, each walk and route has its own number that is clearly visible on signs, trees or stones during the route.
Source: Gawain78, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA-3.0) Hintergrathütte
The Hintergrathütte is located at an altitude of 2661 meters and can be reached via the Sessellift Langenstein and the intermediate station of Seilbahn Sulden. It is possible to spend the night in this hut so that you can climb the Ortler the next morning. In total, the Hintergrathütte has room for seventy people who want to stay overnight. You can of course also eat and drink there.
From Langenstein
When you arrive at the top of the cable car, turn left to follow route 9. The walk is 2900 meters long and a height of 331 meters is climbed. At a speed of 3 kilometers per hour it will take you about 57 minutes. The walk is marked on the maps as a blue walk, which indicates that it is a relatively easy walk that is suitable for small children.
From the Seilbahn Sulden valley station
Route 2 to the Hintergrathütte starts at the Seilbahn Sulden cable car. The total walk is 4649 meters long and covers a height of 769 meters. In between there is a small decline in the walk of 29 meters. The time allowed for this walk is 140 minutes. Please note that this is an indication, the actual time may be longer or shorter. This is a red walk and is therefore indicated as a difficult walk. To make it easier, you can also choose not to walk to the hut from the valley, but from the intermediate station of Seilbahn Sulden. This means that only” 489 vertical meters need to be bridged.
Source: Gawain78

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