Tourist Gelderland: nature, art, culture and action!

Gelderland is a place in the Netherlands that has many assets to delight a visitor. This way you can enjoy nature in and around the Hoge Veluwe. There is no shortage of walking paths or cycle routes. There are also many charming towns worth a visit. Gelderland is also a place for children. For example, they can use iPads on a quest through historic Amersfoort or how about a museum inspection in Het Loo Palace. Even in rainy weather, children can fully relax. What things can still be done? Which cities are worth a visit? Will art lovers get their money’s worth in Gelderland?

Gelderland active!

Cycle-rich environment

When driving through Gelderland, you immediately notice that you have a landscape of forest and heath. That is why many cycling enthusiasts will get their money’s worth. There are 18 different cycling routes that you can follow. Below is a list of some of the routes offered. The nice thing about these routes is that everything is free.


Number of km

Route name

Description of the route



royal route

More difficult route because of a somewhat sloping course.
You can start the route anywhere, such as at the Paleis Het Loo or the Coda museum. Follow the royal signs that take you to the center of Apeldoorn, the Oranje Park and straight through the Veluwe.

Brummen Eerbeek

30 km

Landscape route

The starting point is in Eerbeek and takes the cyclist through unique parts of the Veluwe. Then you cycle through all the small villages that are part of Brummen. Beautiful gardens and houses, but above all beautiful views, await you.


37 km

Hidden villages

A beautiful varied route that takes the cyclist to the Hidden Village. This Hidden Village is a reconstruction of the village that provided a home to Jews, Allied pilots and resistance fighters during the Second World War. The route starts at the Tourist Office in Epe.


about 25 km

Tasting route

On this route you can taste local products that will amaze you with their pure taste. For example, you can buy pancake flour at the windmill or enjoy the fruit from the old fruit growers. You also cycle past many farms with their typical delicious products.


40 km

Molencaten route

This route offers a wide variety of water features. This way you can cycle quietly along rivers, canals, waterholes, dikes and the like. In the meantime, you can enjoy the beautiful architecture of Hattem and Vorchten.


Water sports enthusiasts will get their money’s worth in Gelderland

There is also no shortage of water sports in Gelderland. You can go there for surfing or kite surfing. North Veluwe and Zeumeren offer numerous opportunities to have fun in and on the water.

Walking is an asset

Of course, Gelderland is also an excellent place to enjoy nature while walking. There are also about eighteen hiking trails that you can discover. Many walking tours are offered on

Gelderland: all nature


It is not surprising that one can also find many animal parks in this beautiful nature that the Veluwe has. Below is a list of the different zoos. One park is somewhat larger than the other. All zoos mentioned in the list can be found on the Internet. This helps you get a better idea of the zoo so you can make a better choice. Even if your choice has already been made, it is still useful to surf to the website. This way you are aware of prices, opening hours and any additional information that may be useful when planning your visit.

  • Apenheul in Apeldoorn
  • Dolphinarium in Harderwijk
  • Royal Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem
  • Owl and animal park De Paay in Beesd
  • Hof van Eckberghe in Eibergen
  • Dutch Poultry Museum in Barneveld

Appeltern, a range of inspiration / Source: Andrys, Pixabay Admiring the gardens in Appeltern
The gardens of Appeltern are full of wonder. You can gain a lot of inspiration by visiting more than 200 example gardens. You don’t have to be a landscape architect to create a beautiful garden. The gardens found there were usually created by the park owners themselves. The materials they used for this were given to them by companies because this is also a great opportunity for them to put their product in the spotlight.
However, Appeltern Gardens is not a large garden store. They do of course sell plants and some garden supplies, but they mainly want to encourage people to be creative and thus respect nature.
Flower arranging workshops are often organized there or garden advice can be received from up to 48 gardeners. From April onwards, one of those gardeners will be present in the park every weekend to answer any questions.
You also have a sketching service where a garden designer will help you on your way to a solid design for your garden. However, this service is chargeable.
The whisper tour is also fun for visitors. For example, you receive an iPod and can always listen to some extra information about a garden that you find interesting. Afterwards, you can view and listen to all the information again if you log in with an e-mail address before returning the iPod. This whisper tour is free and fun to do.
Children will also get their money’s worth in Appeltern. This way they can go via a pound to the playground where people play with natural materials. Tree trunk lifts or exploring numerous tree houses are just a few examples. Of course there are slides, tunnels and teeter-totters made of natural materials. Furthermore, small children can be amazed by taking the gnome path. Older children can test their orientation skills in the hedge maze.

Schothorst estate and the green house

In Amersfoort you can fully discover and appreciate nature on and around the Schothorst estate. Education and nature were beautifully interwoven in the Green House. For example, visitors can watch a video that provides a view of Amersfoort and its natural environment from space. Furthermore, visitors can discover the local fauna and flora through educational plates and viewing boxes. Teachers will also find it to their liking here as a lot of educational material is available.
On and around the Schothorst Estate, children can enjoy the nature playground where water, branches and climbing trees take center stage. The children also learn to keep an eye out for insects and can walk further into the forest.
You can also visit a medieval farm there. Activities are regularly organized there, ranging from ceramics demonstrations to storytelling. The Viking weekend and the Sibbe days are also a hit. The Medieval yard is not open every day, so it is best to consult the website: to view the agenda.

What can you do in Gelderland with children in bad weather?

When it is cloudy or rainy, it often requires a little more from parents to keep the children happy. This is often accompanied by some whining or moments of boredom. In Gelderland there is no need to wait for this moment.


Glowgolf can be found in Apeldoorn. There the family can play mini golf in a room that uses 3D fluorescent black light. There are eighteen holes and you can buy 3D glasses to enjoy the dark space even more. You can make a reservation online. For opening hours, it is best to check the website:

Escape Room

There is the Escape Room for teenagers who like a challenge. This activity is also in Apeldoorn. The visitors are locked in a room. By solving riddles and cracking codes you can escape from this room. The aim is to do this within an hour. To find more information or consult opening hours and prices, please visit the website:
Paleis Het Loo, kid-proof!! / Source: MarcoRoosink, Pixabay Paleis Het Loo
This palace has a lot for children and is therefore kid-proof. For example, they have three types of quests for the children’s museum inspectors. These quests are adapted to the age of the children. They already have a route from 5 years old. During the search, the students learn more about the palace and of course the princes and princesses who lived there. As a parent, you will also enjoy the visit more because you help search and look much more carefully at the objects and numerous cars and carriages of the royal family.
When viewing the different rooms in the palace you can experience the atmosphere of yesteryear. The children can play hide and seek in the garden. After the search, the answers found can be exchanged for a prize.
To recover from the exertion, the children can play in a mini castle while the parents can have a drink on the terrace. Highly recommended! The palace can be found in Apeldoorn. Here too, you can visit a site for more information:

Gelderland as a play paradise

The Game and the Invention

This place in Dieren was designed by an artist and you can feel it. One can find art among the various installations. Children from the age of four discover the installations through play. Their imagination is constantly stimulated and the children are encouraged to think and be creative themselves.
They do this in the Uitvinderij. Here you can become acquainted with different materials and machines in a workshop. The children can of course make something themselves. What is made by the children in the Uitvinderij can be taken home. A nice place for someone who wants something different. More information can be found on the website:


The Julianatoren is an amusement park in Apeldoorn that has a lot to offer. Children between two and twelve in particular can enjoy more than sixty attractions. In addition to these attractions, the Julianatoren also offers shows, meet & greets and other events.
The park is also the home of Jul and Julia. These two mice are the best friends in the whole world and live in the high Julianatoren. Together with the amusement park director and Mrs. Cotton Candy, they experience many adventures. You can watch those adventures on YouTube. Maybe a nice teaser for the day?
For all prices and opening times, as well as events, visit

Children’s paradise Malkenschoten

In children’s paradise Malkenschoten, education is combined with fun. This petting zoo is built around the pig Binky. He is happy to show the children the other animals that live on the farm. These animals don’t mind being petted at all. Some can even be fed.
There are also many playgrounds where the children can burn off their energy. You can climb, cycle on the roundabout, pedal boat and play waves. Or why not splash around at the splash spot or build huts?
The prices for this activity depend on the month in which you visit the petting zoo. The year is thus divided into high and low seasons. More information about this and a lot of photo material can be found at

Open-air swimming pool Boschbad

This outdoor swimming pool has three heated pools where you can swim when the weather permits. The little ones can go to the paddling pool. Children between six and twelve enjoy the water playground. If you want to swim some laps yourself, you can go to the 50 meter pool. Or do you enjoy floating in the recreational pool more? There are plenty of options to make it a fun sporting day.
There is also something to do for non-swimmers. You can play beach volleyball or do some mini golf.
Due to the fact that this is an open-air swimming pool, the opening hours are dependent on the weather conditions. You can always see on the website what time the swimming pool opens its doors and which swimming pools are made available to visitors. So always check!

Artistic Gelderland

The Coda Museum in Apeldoorn

The Coda Museum in Apeldoorn has a nice collection of modern art. In addition to the permanent exhibition, there are also often temporary exhibitions.
The Coda Museum is located next to the CODA library. This is also worth a visit. Children can go to the children’s book department to enjoy themselves in the book forest. Surrounded by books, children do not have to be quiet here. They can crawl through tunnels or play in the tree house. There are also costume boxes so you can see many colorful characters walking around.
Here too, temporary exhibitions are often organized where children mainly discover fantasy and stories. For example, there are sometimes viewing castles where children can open all the hatches and form or tell a story with the images they see. Or they put up a large puppet show where children are the puppets.
Source: Aitoff, Pixabay The Mondriaan House
Piet Mondriaan was born in Amersfoort in 1872. He stayed in this city until he was eight years old. His birthplace has now become a place where visitors can learn more about the works and life of Piet Mondriaan. This abstract artist still fascinates and inspires others. The house not only offers the visitor documents, works and a reconstruction of his studio in Paris, but also often hosts temporary exhibitions of artists who have had him as a source of inspiration.

Discover beautiful cities and culture in Gelderland


Amersfoort, the birthplace of Mondriaan, but also the city whose historic heart can still be felt beating. The tourism office has developed many walks to give you a taste of the charms of Amersfoort. During the city walk you can discover many monumental buildings and learn more about the popular happenings of historic Amersfoort. They also have the art route where tourists can indulge in their culture thanks to 28 artistic spots.
Amersfoort, a place where history breathes! / Source: WikimediaImages, PixabayAmersfoort is also the city that can be discovered in a more adventurous way using an iPad. Through the game Lost in Time, people are sent back to the Middle Ages and pursue Thijmen, a young hacker who wants to change history. It is the players’ job to prevent this. One can do this by completing puzzles and assignments. While doing this, they walk through the city looking for tips or clues that can help with the mission to be accomplished. The game and iPad can be obtained at the Amersfoort Tourist Office or at the Museum Flehite.


Arnhem is also definitely worth a visit. This city has a lot of cultural heritage in historic buildings but also parks and museums. For example, one can find traces of the Romans there. The Rozet heritage center offers you a nice overview of the rich history of Arnhem. Learn more about the Limes or the castellum of Meinerswijk, the only castellum that archaeologists have excavated in the Netherlands.
The heritage center also connects you to the cellars of Arnhem. Walk through the cellars because Arnhem not only played an important role during the Roman period!


Nijmegen also has a rich historical past. The Romans had a camp there and Noviomagus was founded there. Nijmegen is said to be the oldest city in the Netherlands. Throughout the Middle Ages and the modern era, Nijmegen did not lose its importance. However, the Second World War was characteristic of Nijmegen. A bombardment caused extensive damage.
Today Nijmegen is a nice city to stroll in, shop and simply enjoy all the historical traces that have been left behind.

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