China; Shanghai and its towers

In Shanghai, China, a huge thirst for construction has arisen since the almost 500-meter-high World Financial Center was completed. Plans are ready for a tower that will be more than 100 meters higher. There are also plans for a tower that will exceed 1,200 meters in height.


Shanghai is a municipality of 4 cities. It is the largest city in China, and has taken over the record as the largest world port from Rotterdam since 2004. The city has a population of approximately 14,000,000 and has three large towers that are among the tallest buildings in the city.
Would you like to visit a tower? Then first look at the sky, is it cloudy? Then choose another attraction. If the sky is clear, see which tower has the shortest line and join there.

The Oriental Pearl TV tower

This tower in Pudong Park (on the Huangpu River, opposite the Bund) is 468 meters high and briefly the tallest tower in the city. In 2008, the World Financial Center will be completed, which is almost 30 meters higher than the Oriental Tower. From the TV tower there is a beautiful view of the entire city. The tower looks like a cross between a Christmas tree and the (Brussels) Atomium. The tower owes its name to the three large spheres that represent pearls. This has to do with the city’s nickname, namely The Pearl of the East.
On the ground floor there is an exhibition about old Shanghai. The spheres are viewing platforms and are located at 90, 263 (where a revolving restaurant is housed) and 350 meters altitude. The first two spheres have a diameter of 50 meters and 45 meters, the 3rd sphere has a diameter of 5 meters. The elevator shoots to the platforms at a speed of 7 meters per second. From here you can clearly see how the city is under construction, such as the construction of various skyscrapers.
The design of this tower is by Jia Huan Cheng of Shanghai Modern Architectural Design Co. Ltd. Construction of the tower started in 1991 and it was completed 4 years later, in 1995. When the tower was completed, it was the thinnest tower in Asia and the third thinnest tower in the world.

The Jin Mao Tower

This tower is the smallest of the three towers, namely 420 meters high. The elevator shoots in 45 seconds to the 88th floor (340 meters), where the observation platform is located. The Hyatt hotel is located on the top floors of the tower. This hotel has the highest bar in the world, named Cloud 9. Construction of the tower started in 1994 and was completed in 1998.

World Financial Center

This tower should be ready in the spring of 2008, construction started on August 27, 1997. When completed, it will be the tallest tower in Shanghai at 492 meters. The tower has an opening in the top left, where tourists can enjoy the view, and consists of 101 floors.
The tower was designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox with the intention that this tower would become the tallest building in the world. Unfortunately, this did not work out because in the spring of 2008 a building will be constructed in Dubai, which will be 604 meters high; the Burj Dubai, followed by the 509 meter Taipei in Taiwan.
The tower will house office spaces, conference facilities, observation platforms and shops on the ground floor. The 6 star hotel will have approximately 300 rooms.

Other towers

In the old part of Shanghai is the 333 meter high Shimao Tower, one of the many other towers.
Furthermore, construction plans are already ready for a tower, construction of which should start in 2008. It should be a tower that is 600 meters high. The strange thing, however, is that the land on which the tower (the Shanghai Center) is to be built is still just grassland. The design of the tower is also still not final. According to local media, the tower should be ready in 2010, while the foundation will probably take one year.
Plans are also ready for the largest building ever. This is known as the Bionic Tower and must be 1,230 meters high. This tower in Shanghai should be completed in 2015, so that 100,000 people could live, work and go to school in the tower. The intention is to have 368 elevators in the tower. None of the windows will ever open. The tower was designed by architects Maria Rosa Cervera Sardá and Eduardo Javier Gómez Pioz. They are at odds with each other about who owns the copyright.

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