Tips: City trip to Vienna

Vienna is the capital of Austria and is located near the Danube River. The city is divided into twenty-three districts. The buildings in Vienna are mainly built in the Baroque architectural style. But the twentieth century also saw a flourishing period of the Art Nouveau style.

The journey

If you go to Vienna you can of course take the plane, but the train is also very adventurous. It is a fairly long drive, but that is part of an active city trip! In order not to waste many days, you can choose to travel by night train. Our hotel was very conveniently located in a quiet suburb close to the Hütteldorf train station and the Vienna underground network.

The hotel

We stayed at Hotel an der Wien, a quiet hotel in a suburb of Vienna with a view of the mountains. The rooms were neat and the breakfast was extensive, with the standard breakfast products but also tasty Viennese sweets. From the hotel you cross diagonally to the metro and Hütteldorf train station.

Public transport

Vienna has a reasonable metro network. You can buy a ticket for 5.00 that allows you to travel by public transport for twenty-four hours. The metro is called the U-Bahn and consists of six lines. The S-Bahn, a kind of suburban train, runs around the city to the suburbs. The Vienna tram can also take you anywhere in the city, and the ticket that allows you to travel for twenty-four hours is also valid on this.


The sights in the center of Vienna are all within walking distance of each other. In the city you will find many Baroque palaces and churches. But the Gothic style can also be found in this city, for example the most important building in the city is Gothic, namely St. Stephen’s Cathedral . At Karlsplatz you will find the Karlskirche, this church is very similar to St. Peter’s in Rome. With a glass elevator you can view the ceiling paintings up close. There is a pond in front of the church, where people can enjoy the beautiful weather. The pond contains a famous statue by the sculptor Henry Moore.
You can also take a walk around the campus of the University of Vienna, one of the largest and oldest German-speaking universities in the world. Or you can travel by metro or tram to the second district, Leopoldstadt, to visit the large Prater Park . This park is designed as an amusement park and was originally the imperial hunting ground. In 1897 the World Exhibition was held in this park.


The Belvedere Palace is located near the center of Vienna. If you do not want to visit the inside, you do not have to pay admission. If you enter the palace gardens at the bottom of the garden, you have a beautiful view of the palace. You can then walk through the gardens all the way up to the palace. At the top you can leave the gardens on the side.

Schloss Schönbrunn

Schloss Schönbrunn is located outside the center and the best way to get there is by metro. You can also walk around this area without paying admission. Here you enter the gardens at the height of the castle and then you can walk up through the gardens towards the Gloriette , a beautiful structure that closes the castle garden at the end. To climb this structure you must pay an entrance fee. From here you have a beautiful view over the Schloss Schönbrunn and the entire city of Vienna.
A city trip to Vienna is a fun experience, from the busy shopping streets in the center to the beautiful, spacious gardens of Schloss Schönbrunn with a view over the entire city. In Vienna you can view every building, because they are all built in beautiful architectural styles and each building has its own history. The city is also great for shopping, eating and going out.

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