Popular amusement parks in Florida

Florida would rightly deserve a title as the “amusement park of the world”. The American state is known for its large amusement parks. For many, a holiday to Florida is not complete without a visit to one of the many amusement parks in Florida. The city of Orlando is the leader in parks. But there are also large and smaller parks and attractions in the rest of Florida. There is also a lot of variation in terms of themes, for example nature, technology, animals and film. The parks are not only very large, but are also excellently organized and maintained. But this does come with a price tag.

  • The most popular amusement parks in Florida
  • Walt Disney World: the most famous theme park in the world
  • Universal Studios Orlando
  • SeaWorld: theme around animals in the sea
  • Wet ‘n Wild
  • Amusement park in Tampa: Bush Gardens
  • Kennedy Space Center: the place for anyone interested in space travel
  • Miami
  • American theme parks
  • Discounts on entrance tickets


The most popular amusement parks in Florida

Many popular parks are located around Orlando. Orlando has an airport, so the parks here are often the beginning or the end of a visit to Florida. But the trip could also start or end in Tampa or Miami, where there are also airports and parks.

Walt Disney World: the most famous theme park in the world

Disney World is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. In addition to the park in Florida, there are also parks in Europe, Japan and China. This mega-large complex is subdivided into several separate parks.

Magic Kingdom, Donald Duck’s park

This is the oldest, most famous and most visited part of the entire park. The park is based on the many cartoon and cartoon characters from Walt Disney’s films. The main characters are of course the celebrities Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy. In addition, there are many attractions for young and old.

Epcot center

This is a very large park that is above all very educational. For technicians, there is Future World where you can learn everything about energy, technology and associated innovations. The World Showcase is very worthwhile. This section is based on themes from countries around the world, such as Mexico, Canada, Norway, Japan, China and many more. Each country present shows a characteristic architectural style, a famous attraction, food and drinks and various films and shows.
Disney’s Hollywood Studios (MGM studios)
The theme here is film and television. You can learn and see how cartoons and feature films are made and there is the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of a film recording. Of course, there is also a spectacular stunt show here.

Animal Kingdom

An extremely popular theme park with animals and nature as the main subject. The park consists of various areas, each with its own design and theme. When it comes to animals and nature, continents such as Africa and Asia should not be missed. Notable themes are the attention for extinct animals in Dinoland, and on the other hand, attention to prevent the extinction of animals.

Universal Studios Orlando

A very busy park in the northwest of Orlando. The basis are the films and television programs of the film company Universal Studios. Because new films and heroes are constantly being released, the offer in the park is constantly being adapted to current events. The great thing about the park is that reality is often imitated to the limit of what is acceptable. The visitor often has the feeling of being part of the film.
Source: Huskyherz, Pixabay

SeaWorld: theme around animals in the sea

One of the most visited amusement parks in the world with the underwater world as its (popular) theme. Marine animals such as dolphins, orcas, sea lions and seals can be seen in various shows. Besides shows, the park offers much more. There is a tunnel that goes under the water with sharks and many other sea predators and which you can see very closely this way. You can also view other fish and sea creatures at your leisure. Things that we are used to in our own country, such as feeding animals and petting rays, can also be found here.
And of course the roller coasters are not missing here either. A great experience is the show that is shown in the summer months with projections on the water and spectacular fireworks. And for those who want to see the park and the surrounding area from a great height, there is the Skytower, which is a fantastic viewpoint with a height of over 100 meters.

Wet ‘n Wild

A large and spectacular water park, with the most spectacular water slides and water attractions. Truly a park for those who think they have seen everything in terms of water parks. There are also wave pools with real waves. Finally, the little ones have also been taken into account in the form of the Kids Park, where smaller and quieter versions of the water attractions can be found.

Amusement park in Tampa: Bush Gardens

This park is also one of the most visited amusement parks in Florida. Actually a copy of the African landscape. A large plain, with many animals that also live there, such as lions, giraffes, monkeys and zebras. Spectacular roller coasters, with African names, can also be found here. There is more entertainment in the form of shows, such as a ski team showing off its skills on the lake. You can also cross the lake with a Mississippi model radar boat.
Source: Skeeze, Pixabay

Kennedy Space Center: the place for anyone interested in space travel

The Space Coast is the area halfway between Miami and Jacksonville, where Kennedy Space Center is located. NASA’s launch site at Cape Canaveral. Kennedy Space Center is part of a nature reserve with beach and dunes. There is a visitors center with exhibitions about the past, present and future of space travel. It is not an amusement park but an educational park. In addition to exhibitions, there are guided tours to the launch pads and shows such as a launch of an Apollo rocket, where the ground beneath your feet shakes so much that you think a launch is actually taking place. The moment you stand next to a rocket or step into a space shuttle is also very impressive. Everything in full size.


A visit to the city of Miami will often not be missed. Here you have, among other things, the Miami Seaquarium. The smaller, but also cheaper brother of SeaWorld in Orlando. The largest, and real, park is located near the city, namely the Everglades swamp area. This incredibly large area is definitely worth a separate visit!

American theme parks

The American theme parks are generally spacious and better maintained than what we are used to here. Because these are large parks with large distances, a lot of attention has been paid to parking and transport to, from and on the parks. Very pleasant on holiday. The result is a highly priced entrance ticket.

Discounts on entrance tickets

There are various options regarding entrance tickets. There are day tickets and passes for several days. Especially in Orlando with many parks in the same area, a multi-day pass can save quite a bit of money. Combining parks from the same chain (Disney) also means a lower entrance fee. In addition, many hotels, motels and restaurants have so-called coupon booklets. In addition to information from the region, these often contain discount vouchers for the parks. And of course you can buy entrance tickets online in advance. Often the cheapest way.

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