Play and meet your favorite TV friends in Plopsaland!

Which child doesn’t know them? Gnome Plop, Maya the Bee, Wicky the Viking, Bumba and Mega Mindy to name a few. All these well-known characters can be found in the Plopsaland amusement parks with fun attractions and shows located in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. The Plopsa parks are located in beautiful places and a short distance from a number of well-known bungalow parks such as Center Parcs, Sunparks and Landal. Plopsa Indoor Hasselt in Belgium and Plopsa Indoor Coevorden in the Netherlands are even completely covered and therefore offer guaranteed fun even when the weather is bad. There is also plenty to do in the surrounding area. Ideal to visit during a holiday with the children in any season. Source: Jupacri, Flickr (CC BY-2.0)

The Plopsaland theme parks

To date (2016), there are a total of five Plopsaland parks. Plopsa Indoor Coevorden located in the Netherlands, Plopsaland De Panne, Hasselt and Coo in Belgium and Holiday Park in Germany. The furnishings and decoration of the parks and attractions are entirely in the theme of the well-known children’s program characters published by Studio 100. The name Plopsa was created by a merger of the popular TV series Kabouter Plop and Samson & Gert. In addition to the attractions, there are also theater shows by Maya de Bij, Bumba and K3, among others. Fun extra events and shows are also organized during the holidays, such as the world record Easter egg hunt, Halloween with Piet Pirate, Saint Nicholas weekend and the Samson & Gert Christmas show.

Facilities at the Plopsaland park

When designing the parks, great attention has been paid to the needs of the visitor. In all larger restaurants you will find a microwave to heat up a bottle of baby food and there are special baby rooms near the toilets to change your baby or child. There is even a quiet room for breastfeeding. It is also easily accessible for wheelchair users and wheelchairs can be used free of charge after reservation. Each park has a first aid post and of course the necessary restaurants and food stalls to enjoy a delicious meal or snack.

Present attractions in Plopsaland

The various attractions and further information about the Plopsaland parks can be found via the site Via the menu of the selected specific park you can see an overview of all available attractions. By selecting a child’s height, only the attractions that are suitable for him or her remain. There is also plenty of entertainment for the little ones.
Source: Jupacri, Flickr (CC BY-2.0)

The five parks and surroundings

Plopsaland De Panne in Belgium – De Panne

The first and most extensive family amusement park in the Plopsa group opened on April 29, 2000 and has fifty-two attractions, including five roller coasters and six water attractions. Attractions present include De Boomstammetjes, SuperSplash and Heidi The Ride. There is also a petting zoo, carousel and pirate ship at the park. In 2011, the Plopsaland Mayaland indoor hall opened in the park with ten attractions, two restaurants and a shop in the theme of Maya the Bee. In March 2015, the park was supplemented with an indoor water park called Plopsaqua, entirely in Wicky the Viking style.
Plopsaland Mayaland
The park has ten attractions including The Slide, The Ballenbad, The Climbing Tree and Willys Playground, all of which are suitable for smaller children. From the Easter holidays to the Christmas holidays, Mayaland is part of Plopsaland De Panne and is included in the day ticket. The indoor arcade can only be visited separately during the weekend in January, February and March. Children under 85 cm can enter for free.
Can be visited separately from Plopsaland de Panne, but combination tickets are also available. The swimming pool has three slides, a wave pool, whitewater course, a play village, a paddling pool and much more.
Plopsa Theater
The Theater is located in Plopsaland de Panne and is used for park shows, external shows, but also for performances that are not related to studio 100. The Plopsa Theater seats 1,400 people and opened its doors in July 2013.
Nearby bungalow parks and surroundings

  • Sunparks Oostduinkerke aan Zee in West Flanders place Oostduinkerke (20 minutes away)
  • Sunparks Park De Haan in West Flanders place De Haan

The bungalow parks and Plopsaland De Panne are all located in West Flanders near the Belgian coast. So ideally suited for a day at the beach. A short distance away are famous places such as Bruges and Nieuwpoort with many shops and restaurants. Other attractions in the area include Boudewijn Seapark, Bellewaerde Park and Sea life Blankenberge.

Plopsa Indoor Hasselt in Belgium – Hasselt

An indoor children’s play paradise that first opened its doors in December 2005 with twenty-two attractions and one roller coaster. Inside there are attractions such as The K3 Whirligig, The Mayan Playground, an enormous Play Tree, the Wickie Coaster and Children’s Disco. There is also a large outdoor area with the playground, dancing fountains, a climbing mountain and water playground. The indoor arcade is open all year round. Here too you can enjoy shows and events.
Nearby bungalow parks and surroundings

  • Center Parcs Erperheide in Belgium – Peer
  • Sunparks Ardennes/Kemperse Meren
  • Landal Mooi Zutendaal

Just across the border from Limburg is the town of Hasselt with nearby bungalow parks. In this area you can enjoy yourself by visiting the various museums, going skiing in Snow Valley or taking a look at one of the many farms. You can also explore this beautiful nature reserve by walking, cycling or horse riding.
Source: Jupacri, Flickr (CC BY-2.0) Plopsa Coo in Belgium – Stavelot
The park has been open since March 2007 and has twenty-two attractions with two roller coasters and one water attraction The Dino Splash. The park is the only one to have an added dinosaur theme with the Dinoween show. The amusement park is equipped with, among other things, a cable car, bobsleigh, amusement park and monkey island.
Nearby bungalow parks and surroundings

  • Sunparks Ardennes in Belgium Luxembourg place Vielsalm (15 minutes away)
  • Camping Domaine de l’eau rouge, 2 kilometers from Stavelot
  • Holiday park Domaine long pre in Stavelot

Plopsa Coo is located in the middle of the Belgian Ardennes near the Coo Waterfalls. You will not easily get bored in this beautiful area. Visit the medieval castle of La Roche, the Forestia animal and adventure park or take a journey through space at the Euro Space Center. Plenty to do in the further vicinity of these bungalow parks in Belgium.

Plopsa Indoor Coevorden in the Netherlands – Dalen

The first Plopsa park in the Netherlands that opened for the first time in April 2010. The indoor arcade has twenty-two attractions and one roller coaster. You can have fun here with, among others, De Scheve Schuit, De Wickiebaan, K3-Disco and De Plops Speelboom. When the weather is good, there is also a spacious outdoor area where the children can play. The indoor arcade is open all year round and, like the other Plopsaland parks, offers children’s shows and events.
Nearby bungalow parks and surroundings

  • Center Parcs Huttenheugte in Drenthe place Dalen (walking distance)
  • Center Parcs Sandur in Drenthe, Emmen
  • Landal Aelderholt in Drenthe in Aalden near Emmen

In this beautiful area of Drenthe, there are many other activities to undertake besides Plopsa Indoor Coevorden. For example, enjoy a day at the zoo in the renovated Adventure Zoo Wildland in Emmen. You can also take various walking and cycling tours in the wooded area. Walk from treetop to treetop in the Gieten nature reserve Boswachterij or go on a discovery tour with the little ones in Kabouterland.

Holiday Park in Germany – Hassloch

The park has twenty-eight attractions with three roller coasters and three water attractions. The existing Holiday Park was taken over by Studio 100 in 2010. After adapting the theme of the park, it officially opened its doors in 2012 as HolidayPark Plopsa. Just like in Plopsaland De Panne, there is also a Mayan land here, but in the open air as a theme area. The park also has attractions such as the Stormschip, Holly’s Wild Car Ride and De Bulderende Rivier. The park hopes to open another theater hall and indoor theme area in the future. There are also plans to build a subtropical swimming pool in 2017.
Nearby bungalow parks and surroundings

  • Kurpark Hotel, Bad Dürkheim
  • Hubertushof Hassloch (7 min. away)

Hassloch is a town located in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. The area is ideal for various walks or bike rides, shopping in Trier and Mainz or relaxing in one of the many wellness hotels.
Source: Jupacri, Flickr (CC BY-2.0)

Holiday with Plopsaland

The Plopsaland parks offer entertainment in every season with attractions, shows and events. The parks are also located in beautiful surroundings with many other sights and possible excursions. If you are looking for a family holiday in a bungalow park, the proximity of a Plopsaland park can add value to your holiday fun.

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