La Baule and surroundings (Brittany); holiday in France

The coastal region west of Nantes has everything for a successful summer holiday. There are beautiful, intimate beaches between La Baule and Le Croisic. La Baule has everything a seaside resort should have. At Guérande we find the salt pans. Just north of La Baule lies La Grande Brière, an area that is reminiscent of the Dutch polders. St. Nazaire and Nantes can be quickly reached from La Baule; for a day of shopping.

La Baule

A beautiful, somewhat fashionable seaside resort with an extensive beach on the south side. A ten kilometer long boulevard runs along the beach. La Baule , with a population of approximately 14,000, has an extensive shopping center, many hotels, guesthouses and apartments and dozens of campsites in the immediate area. It is one of the busiest, if not the busiest, seaside resort in Brittany . The coastal area there is called Côte d’Amour and is considered the most beautiful coast in Brittany. The mild climate contributes significantly to the popularity of La Baule as a seaside resort.


From La Baule to Guérande is only a few kilometers. And Guérande is definitely worth your visit. The town with less than six thousand inhabitants has well preserved its medieval character. The fifteenth century walls and the four entrance gates to the city are still completely intact. Just north of the city is a round mill with a conical roof: le Moulin du diable , so called because it was built by the devil, with the price of the miller’s soul. The city owed its former wealth to salt mining . Even today, the salt pans are still present and salt extraction is still carried out. Your visit to Guérande will of course be crowned with the purchase of a bag of sea salt. The Musée de vieux Guérande, a regional museum, is located in Port Saint-Michel. The 12th century Saint-Aubin church, frequently renovated until the sixteenth century, is constructed from large granite blocks. The church has an impressive interior.

Le Croisic

From La Baule a beautiful coastal road (D 45) leads to Le Croisic , a busy fishing village on the tip of the peninsula west of La Baule. The marina and the fishing port are next to each other. The long quay runs along it, with many shops, restaurants and hotels. Le Croisic is a pleasant town where you can easily spend a day. The beach is located at the Pointe du Croisic. Le Croisic also has a large sea aquarium .

Grande Briere

A surprising piece of France. Every now and then you imagine yourself in a Dutch polder landscape. A ride around the Grande Brière is recommended. Then get out of the car occasionally, such as at La Chaussée-Neuve and at Ile de Fédrun, a former island. Here you can take boat trips and, if you wish, row yourself.

Saint Nazaire

This city was heavily bombed several times during the Second World War; the Germans had built a submarine base here that the Allies were keen to eliminate. The base is still there and can be visited. An immense concrete complex, with meters-thick walls in some places. In one of the basins of the bunker-like structure, a submarine from the time of the Second World War is available for viewing. If you are in Saint Nazaire , take a return trip over the bridge over the mouth of the Loire. The impressive bridge is over 2.5 kilometers long and the pillars have a height of 61 meters. Furthermore, Saint Nazaire is not a beautiful city. The war has left its mark and the reconstruction does not deserve any prize from an urban planning perspective.

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