Snow-sure ski area in Norway – Hemsedal

The Hemsedal is a snow-sure ski area in Norway. The village of the same name is located east of Bergen and northwest of Oslo. Here you will find fresh mountain air, beautiful panoramas and no crowded slopes or queues for the ski lifts. The ski area has 49 varied slopes for beginners and advanced skiers. The valley can be reached by car from Oslo in about three hours. Norway itself is also easily accessible by plane. A winter sport in the Hemsedal guarantees snow-sure skiing and snowboarding.

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  • Snow-sure ski area in Norway
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  • Snow-sure and varied ski area for winter sports
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Hemsedal Norway

The Hemsedal ski area in Norway is located in the Scandinavian Alps. In addition to the Hemsedal, there is also a second winter sports area, Solheisen, in this region. Both ski areas are characterized by their diversity. The Hemsedal has a larger ski area than Solheisen and has more slopes and facilities. This also makes it a bit busier in the Hemsedal. Solheisen is smaller, has shorter slopes and a smaller number of lifts. However, it is quieter here and you can enjoy beautiful skiing in a natural and snow-sure environment.

Ski area Hemsedal

The Hemsedal has 49 slopes and 20 ski lifts (2018). There are three fun parks and a large area with children’s ski facilities. There are more than eighteen kilometers of blue slopes, so beginners can enjoy the Hemsedal. More advanced skiers can enjoy fifteen kilometers of red and ten kilometers of black slopes. There are also several red and black ski routes in the Hemsedal ski area. The altitude of the ski area ranges from 600 to a maximum of 1450 meters. There are descents above the tree line, but it is also possible to descend over wooded slopes. From almost all slopes there is a beautiful view of the entire valley. The available ski routes ensure that even the advanced skier has sufficient challenge in the area. There are also opportunities for off-piste skiing, but it is recommended that you go with a guide. The facilities on the slopes are good, there are plenty of restaurants and sanitary facilities. The slopes are prepared daily and the various descents are well marked.

Solheisen ski area

The Solheisen ski area is 11 kilometers from the Hemsedal. It is smaller but has a beautiful location in the surrounding mountains. The site has six slopes (2018), three of which are blue, one red and one black. The area is very suitable for children and beginners who want to enjoy winter sports in peace. An advantage of the area is that it is located on the sunny side of the mountains.

Snow-sure ski area in Norway

The slopes in both ski areas all start above 700 meters and because Norway is a lot further north than the Austrian Alps, it is a lot colder here at an altitude of 1000 meters. Due to its location and altitude, the ski area is very snow-sure. Thanks to the high snow guarantee, both areas are open from December to April.

More than skiing in the Scandinavian Alps

There are also plenty of alternatives for winter sports enthusiasts who want more than just skiing or snowboarding. In total, the Hemsedal has more than 120 kilometers of cross-country ski trails. The routes run through the beautiful surroundings of the valley. There are trails for both beginners and advanced skiers and almost all of them are prepared. Winter sports enthusiasts who are looking for something different can participate in an organized snowmobile tour. Under the supervision of a guide, you will explore the area by snowmobile. This activity takes you to beautiful places that you would not easily reach by ski. It is also special to participate in a husky safari. There are various options for this in the valley. You go out with a guide, but you are in charge of the sled yourself. Also teach your dogs how to harness. A wonderful experience because the tours often go over frozen lakes and through beautiful wooded landscapes.


The history of the village goes back to the 3rd century AD. Then the first inhabitants arrived in the valley and settled where the village now stands. The first church was probably built in the 13th century. The population grew steadily until the 19th century and until then the activity consisted mainly of agricultural activities. In 1845 there were 1775 people living in the village. The modern history of the Hemsedal began in the 20th century. The first hotel opened in 1905. From 1920 onwards the first holiday homes appeared and more and more tourists came to fish and hunt.
After World War II, more hotels and guesthouses were opened. The first ski lift opened in 1959. Hemsedal Skisenter opened its doors in 1961. From that moment on, the nickname Scandinavian Alps arose, which is still an important slogan for the valley. In 2011, the valley welcomed 500,000 winter sports enthusiasts. In addition to the number of tourists, the facilities have also grown: there are more than 6,500 beds for holidaymakers. There are also plenty of restaurants and cafes and for enthusiasts there is even a cinema. The Hemsedal in Norway is ideal for snow-sure winter sports.

Accessibility Hemsedal

Norway can be reached in different ways. By car it is possible to drive to Kiel and then sail to Oslo by boat. The boat trip takes approximately 17 hours. There are also various ferry services from Denmark that sail to Norway. A major advantage of a boat crossing is that you can relax along the way. From Oslo it is about a three-hour drive to the village. In winter this can be longer. In general, the route follows well-maintained roads.
Various airlines fly to Oslo and Bergen from the Netherlands and Germany. Direct bus connections run from these cities to the ski area. These buses often leave from the airports. From Oslo it is also possible to travel to Hemsedal by train. If public transport is not sufficient, it is also possible to take a taxi.

Snow-sure and varied ski area for winter sports

The Hemsedal is a snow-sure ski area in Norway and is suitable for beginners and advanced skiers. There are also various activities for non-skiers and snowboarders.

Winter sports information Hemsedal 2018


Number of km of slopes


Blue slopes


Red runs


Black slopes


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Ski season

November – May

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