The tulips of the Noordoostpolder

When we think of flowers, we quickly think of the bulb region in the Westland between Haarlem and Leiden, but the majority of tulips are grown in the Noordoostpolder. Here we find more than 2000 hectares of tulip fields. The Tulip Information Center is located in Creil and every year there is a lot to do in the Noordoostpolder around the tulip, such as the bulb route and the tulip festival. Walking among the tulips is not only possible at the Keukenhof, but is also possible in the Noordoostpolder.

The Noordoostpolder

The Noordoostpolder was the first of the IJsselmeer polders to be drained. This happened in 1942. The Wieringermeerpolder was already drained in 1930, but this was before the construction of the Afsluitdijk. The Wieringermeerpolder is therefore the only polder that can rightly call itself a Zuiderzeepolder. The polders were destined as agricultural areas. The somewhat sandy soils on the Noordoostpolder in particular are very suitable for growing flower bulbs. Flower bulbs do well in sandy soil. The new country therefore became the most important flower bulb area in the Netherlands and, as a counterpart to the Westland, this area is sometimes called the North.
Source: Monikabaechler, Pixabay

Tulip information center

In Creil you will find the Tulip Information Center with a show garden in which around 2000 different types of tulips can be found. Here you can walk among the tulips. This is also possible in the Tulpenpluktuin in Marknesse. At the tulip information center it is even possible to fly above the fields in a helicopter on weekends during the tulip flowering period.
Address of the Tulip Information Center: Wrakkenpad 2 in Creil

Tulip route

A car route along 80 kilometers of tulips through the Noordoostpolder, that is the tulip route in a nutshell. The route is signposted from mid-April until the end of the flowering period (early May, depending on the weather) and was declared one of the most beautiful car routes in the world by National Geographic in 2009. The route is slightly different every year, depending on the place where the tulips are planted. Tulips can be planted in the same field for a maximum of five years. If the tulips are planted in the same field for a longer period of time, fungal disease can occur. Fixed parts of the tulip route are the Tulip Information Center and the tulip picking garden, and the tulip route also visits numerous villages where tulip mosaics have been created. These tulip mosaics come with an audience prize, which is awarded to the village with the most beautiful mosaic. Every year there is a different theme. Themes that have already been discussed include cartoon characters, millennium goals, circus, the zoo and a view of the Noordoostpolder.
In addition to this car route, there is also a tulip cycle route and a tulip walking route. Usually a long and a shorter walking route are mapped out (15 and 25 km).
Source: PublicDomainPictures, Pixabay

Tulip Festival

The tulip festival coincides with the tulip route and includes all activities organized around the route, such as a tulip photo exhibition and a tulip photo competition, a garden market, scooter rides and carriage rides around the tulip fields, wine tasting, children’s activities and food trucks. When you visit the tulip fields, you should definitely not forget to take your camera with you. Maybe you will be the one who takes the most beautiful tulip photo this year. After your visit, you can submit the most beautiful photo to StEP NOP (Stichting Eventen en Promotion Noordoostpolder) to compete for prizes.
Before you visit the gardens, always check the internet for the current dates and opening times. This is to avoid disappointment.

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