Flåm and the Flåmsbana

In the Norwegian Province of Sogn og Fjordane at the end of the Aurlandsfjord lies the small village of Flåm, which has been a popular holiday destination for thousands of tourists since the late 1900s who want to enjoy the Norwegian fjords and Norwegian nature. Flåm is a village par excellence where every tourist will find something to their liking. Big and small, old and young, there is plenty to see and do.

Enjoy shopping in Flåm

In the center at the harbor where the fjord begins we find tax-free shops with a wide range of items ranging from postcards to beer glasses, from small reindeer cuddly toys to complete reindeer skins. There are also a few small boutiques where art is sold.

Eating and drinking in Flåm

There is also plenty of choice for the inner man in small and larger restaurants. The restaurant, which is located in an old train carriage, is special to see and experience. However, it is not mandatory to use a restaurant if you want to sit down and eat or drink something. Throughout the center of Flåm you will find plenty of benches and picnic tables to sit and relax.

Public facilities

The public facilities are excellent in Flåm. There are public toilets, ample parking, a park, and a playground for the children. In the center near the harbor there is a good free WiFi connection so that you can even Skype or face-time with your friends and family at home if you want.


Flåm is best known for the Flåmsbana or Flåm Railway, the railway line between Myrdal and Flåm. This railway line between Myrdal and Flåm is one of the steepest sections in the world, with a gradient of 865.5 meters over more than 20 kilometers in length. This railway line was built with the primary purpose of connecting Flåm to the Oslo Line and the Bergensbanen, but is now one of the most important tourist attractions in Western Norway.
The Flåmsbana serves the following stations:

  • Flåm 2 meters above sea level
  • Lunden 16 meters above sea level
  • Håreina 48 meters above sea level
  • Dalsbotn 200 meters above sea level
  • Berekvam 343 meters above sea level
  • Blomheller 450 meters above sea level
  • Kårdal 556 meters above sea level
  • Kjosfossen Waterfall 660 meters above sea level
  • Reinunga 669 meters above sea level
  • Vatnahalsen 811 meters above sea level
  • Myrdal 866 meters above sea level

The train takes about fifty minutes to complete the entire route and stops at Kjosfossen Waterfall for about ten to fifteen minutes to give passengers the opportunity to leave the train so that they can admire the waterfall.

Flåmsbana museum

In the station building in the center of Flåm there is a museum about the history of the Flåmsbana that impressively provides insight into how hard and difficult working on the railway was. The museum also features old locomotives and specially adapted motorcycles that could be used to drive on the track for maintenance.

Spend the night in Flåm

There are several hotels just outside the center of Flåm, and within walking distance of the center you will find Flåm camping. This is a terraced campsite with excellent facilities suitable for tents, caravans and campers. Flåm camping also offers the option of renting hikers’ cabins, rooms and bungalows.

Tips for visiting Flåm

  • Consider in advance whether you want to travel with the Flåmsbana. During the high season the train is very busy, so it is wise to book train tickets one or two days in advance. This can be done both on site and online.
  • If you decide to stay in the area: Take a Norway in a Nutshell” tour. Then you take a fjord cruise to Flam-Gudvangen

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