The municipality of Koksijde

The municipality of Koksijde Koksijde is a municipality on the Belgian coast, located between De Panne on the one hand and Oostduinkerke on the other. The municipality is located in the province of West Flanders. The population in 2015 is estimated at around 22,000 inhabitants. This tourist dune area is part of the West Coast.

Municipalities and districts

The municipality consists of the sub-municipalities of Koksijde, Wulpen, Oostduinkerke and Sint-Idesbald. In addition, Koksijde borders the following municipalities: Nieuwpoort, Ramskapelle, Booitshoeke, Veurne, Adinkerke and De Panne.
In addition to the centers of Koksijde village and Koksijde bad, Koksijde also has several districts and neighborhoods such as Maarten Oom, Quartier du Bois, Quartier Japonais, Quartier Sénégalais and Ster der Zee.


Marc Vanden Bussche will also play the role of mayor of the municipality in 2016. He is standing up for List Mayor. He has held this position since 1995. His predecessor was Henri Dewulf. The first elected mayor was Cornelius Devulder. He was mayor from 1820 to 1833.


The municipality of Koksijde is also known for its Hotel School Ter Duinen. It is one of the most renowned hotel schools in the country. Star chef Peter Goossens is just one of the many examples who graduated here.

High Blekker

Moreover, the highest dune on the Belgian coast is also located in Koksijde. This dune is called the Hoge Blekker and has a height of 33m. The nature reserve surrounds the Hoge Blekker, where you can easily walk or cycle for several hours. During the summer months you can also view animals such as horses and donkeys. The dunes behind the Hoge Blekker form an excellent connecting route between the center of Koksijde and the center of Oostduinkerke. It is possible to enjoy the beautiful nature. The connecting route between the two municipalities is also completely car-free. This makes it ideal for cyclists and walkers.


Koksijde also has the largest number of museums on the Belgian coast. These are all very easy to reach by tram and bus connections throughout Koksijde and the surrounding area. This municipality also has its own station, near the Koksijde army base, which makes accessibility to these museums much easier. Some examples of popular museums are: the Duinen Abbey, the Paul Delvaux Museum, the Florishof and the Vaneuville House.


Koksijde is also a very sporty municipality. There are numerous sports options and suitable accommodations. Firstly, there is the municipal swimming pool ‘Hoge Blekkerbad’. The municipality also organizes a round of the Cyclo-Cross World Cup every year. The municipality experienced a sporting highlight with the organization of the cyclocross world championships in 2012. In 2015, the opening of ‘Golf ter Hille’ took place, a full-fledged golf course between Oostduinkerke and Wulpen.


In 2004, the Koksijde cinema opened its doors. The name of the cinema was originally ‘Studio Cinema’, but a few years later the name was changed to Cinema Koksijde. By the way, this is also the only cinema located on the West Coast.

Well-known residents

Some residents of this special municipality are: Elise Crombez (top model), Dany Verlinden (ex-goalkeeper Club Brugge) and Gaston Lejeune (architect).

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