Luxembourg: Hollenfels, Ansembourg, Hunnebour and Mersch

Luxembourg is an important stopover on the autoroute towards the south: France, Spain or Portugal. Especially because Luxembourg has traditionally charged lower excise duties than the Netherlands for many years. But many holidaymakers do not bother to get to know the country. That’s a shame, because Luxembourg offers something for everyone: you can have a sporting holiday with canoeing, walking or cycling through nature, go shopping in Luxembourg city, visit castles or visit picturesque towns such as Echernach and Larochette. We zoom in on Hollenfels and the surrounding area. In Hollenfels you can stay in a holiday home or a youth hostel, for a quiet holiday in a small village with lots of nature. For nature lovers who love peace and quiet. The village has no hotel and no campsite.

Hollenfels, Ansembourg, Hunnebour and Mersch

  • Hollenfels
  • The village
  • Holiday homes in Hollenfels
  • ‘Valley of the Seven Castles’
  • Hollenfels Castle
  • Hollenfels in art
  • Ansembourg
  • The village
  • Parc du Château
  • Hunnebour
  • Mersch
  • The town
  • Swimming pool and wellness
  • Public transport and accommodation

A . Hollenfels
B . Luxembourg


The village

Hollenfels is a village in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The village is located in the municipality of Tuntange in the canton of Mersch. 238 people live there (reference year: 2005). The village is best known for its castle, Hollenfels Castle, which now serves as an ecological center and against which a youth hostel was built after the Second World War. Adults can also stay there in a private room with bunk beds ( The village has one restaurant where you can get a delicious meal from about 10 euros. Hollenfels is a suitable village, especially for hikers and cyclists, to stay for one or more weeks. Running can be a challenge because of the hilly landscape and with a bit of luck you may encounter a fox crossing the road. You see many cyclists on the road in this area.
From Hollenfels you can easily make trips to, for example, the city of Luxembourg or tourist towns such as Echternach, Larochette, Vianden or Clervaux, sights or nature reserves. People who do not have a car can use public transport. There is a bus connection between Hollenfels and Mersch and Luxembourg City.
Youth hostel with Hollenfels castle behind it / Source: Martin Sulman Church in Hollenfels / Source: Martin Sulman Hollenfels area / Source: Martin Sulman


A . Église Saint-Sébastien
B . Youth Hostel Hollenfels
C . Restaurant-Pizzeria Il Trio

Holiday homes in Hollenfels

The village does not have a hotel or a campsite, but you can rent private holiday homes via, for example, ‘’. Through this provider you can rent a detached, simple, but neatly furnished chalet on a separate part of a farm. There are a lot of flies in the summer, but that shouldn’t spoil the fun. From the balcony you have a beautiful view of Hollenfels Castle and the valley. The chalet has a sheltered garden at the right rear (where you could have a barbecue) with swings.
The holiday chalet / Source: Martin SulmanView from the chalet / Source: Martin SulmanView of Hollenfels Castle / Source: Martin Sulman

‘Valley of the Seven Castles’

A . Koerich Castle
B . Castle Septfontaines
C . Ansembourg Castle
D . Hollenfels Castle
E . Schoenfels Castle
F . Mersch Castle

‘Valley of the Seven Castles’

Hollenfels Castle is located on a cliff at an altitude of 315 meters. Due to its location, the castle can be seen from far and wide. The castle watches over the Eisch. The village of Hollenfels belongs to the legendary ‘Valley of the Seven Castles’, so named because of castles in Koerich, Septfontaines, Ansembourg (Château d’Ansembourg and Ansembourg Castle), Hollenfels, Schoenfels and Mersch. There is a national hiking trail that takes you through the idyllic ‘Valley of the Seven Castles’ with its majestic castles, castle ruins and castles, some of which have been carefully restored and are accessible to visitors. Hikers can follow the traces of the past along quiet roads, surrounded by meadows and forests.

Castle or fortress

Open for visitors


Viewing and guided tour possible; no audio tour


Viewing not possible

Château d’Ansembourg

The French gardens are open to the public and visits to the castle are possible

Ansembourg Castle

The castle is not accessible


Viewing not possible (but access to the veranda with beautiful view)


Viewing not possible


Viewing not possible


Hollenfels Castle

Hollenfels Castle consists of a 40-meter-high keep (a medieval defensible residential tower)

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