Corpus Oegstgeest – Journey through the Human Body

Corpus was opened by Queen Beatrix on March 14. Corpus is located in Oegstgeest along the A44, a building in the shape of a sitting person or better: giant, 35 m high. In Corpus you take a journey through the human body, organs and intestines of man. Corpus is not only a museum, but also an experience center. A stimulating experience, you see body processes, hear the beating of the heart, the rushing of the blood, breathing and lungs. An attraction and real experience.

Corpus Experience Center – Fascinating journey through the human body

Experience and educational center Corpus – Queen Beatrix

Corpus was opened on March 14, 2008 by Queen Beatrix, who made the first journey through the human body processes, organs and intestines. The Queen opened the museum by setting the symbolic heart of Corpus in motion. With a press on a red glowing heart, accompanied by the sound of a pounding heartbeat, a replica of the seated human Corpus rose from a cloud of smoke. The doors of the Corpus have been opened to the public since March 20, 2008.

Corpus Building – Huge giant of 35 meters high

The building where Corpus is located is located on the A-44 near Leiden and is in the shape of a sitting human, or rather: sitting giant, 35 meters high. The architect of this striking structure is Wolbrand van der Vis. The idea for the project, the creator and initiator of Museum Corpus is Henri Remmers, who has worked on it with a large team for many years. There has also been intensive collaboration with an advisory group of dozens of physicians and specialists, medical experts and nutritionists to make the body and the functioning of the body processes as natural and realistic as possible.
The Corpus project cost about twenty million euros. Henri Remmers expects that approximately 175,000 visitors will come to Corpus in Oegstgeest in the first year, including schools, institutions and many families with children.
Please note: this is not a Corpus website. The current data from Corpus can be found at the bottom of the article.

Corpus – Attraction of the human body

Corpus is a ‘journey through the human body’ where the visitor can see, feel, smell and hear in a spectacular, experiential and sensory way how the human body works and what role healthy eating, healthy living and a lot of exercise play in this. In the Corpus experience center, visitors can take a journey through the human body, with a Walkman and 3-D glasses in hand. The journey through the body, which covers 7 floors, is partly via moving surfaces and the escalator. There are also Organ Theaters, such as the Brain Show and the Heart Theater. All kinds of beautiful special effects have been used to portray the unique mechanism of the human body. Corpus presents animations, sound and 3D effects to explain all facets of medical development in and around the human body. In addition, a medical information library in Corpus offers all kinds of information in the field of health and the human body. There is also plenty of opportunity to play games and tests. There will be regular varied theme exhibitions to see, experience and experience in Corpus Experience.

Corpus Experience – Spectacular journey through the body

The journey through the body starts in the hollow of the knee and ends in the brain. One moment you are in the corridors of the intestines, the cavity of the uterus, you are hopping through the lungs and the heart. The next moment you are in an eye, nose or ear, watching and disappearing as a visitor into the inside of a mouth, while a sandwich is just being swallowed. During the walk through the gigantic body, a lot of things happen all the time, comparable to the many and continuous body processes in the real body. The traveler through the body is constantly seeing, hearing and experiencing stimuli: light, sound, movement and smell.
For example, you can see how fertilization takes place, you have to sneeze while looking at the swelling mucous membranes or, for example, a huge splinter can suddenly enter on the way from the upper leg to the abdomen, and you can then also see how this splinter wound heals. In the 5D heart theater you can make a surprising journey of discovery as a red blood cell and experience the genius of the human brain in the brain show. During the Corpus journey you will receive answers in the form of tangible, visible and audible images to questions such as what happens when you sneeze, where you taste salty or sweet on your tongue, how your intestines react to a cheese sandwich, why you need to sleep, why your hair grows and much more.

Corpus Experience Center – purpose is information transfer and entertainment

The motto behind the Corpus project is: If you know more about it

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