Tombstone, Arizona and the Old Wild West””

Tombstone, Arizona, a jump into the wild west of the nineteenth century. A place where time seems to have stood still. When entering the town you drive past the Boothill Graveyard. Worth taking a look and checking out the ironic grave inscriptions. Among the unknown graves you will also find those of many heroes from the Wild West. On October 26, 1881, the now world-famous gunfight took place between Sherrif Wyatt Earp and the “outlaw” Mc Lowrey brothers. The “gunfight,” in which the sheriff killed both brothers, took place at the OK Corral. The fight lasted only 30 seconds but, partly thanks to the film adaptation and the many books written about it, it would put the town on the (tourist) map forever.


Tombstone National Historic District , a jump into the 19th century Wild West. An hour and a half drive from the well-known city of Tucson, Arizona. The old part of the city is made car-free every first Sunday of the month. This is called the wild west day ” by the locals . The wooden houses

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