Vilamoura, pearl on the Portuguese coast

Vilamoura, a beautiful town on the Portuguese south coast in the Algarve, 25 minutes from Faro airport. Direct flights to Faro can be booked from all Dutch airports. Vilamoura is located in the province of Loulé. Even though the city was only built in 1974, it is one of the larger tourist attractions in the Algarve. Partly because of the beautiful marina and the beautiful beach, it is a true heaven for sun worshipers. But also for the more active tourist. All in all, a city for everyone.

Sights and activities


As in many real Portuguese places, Vilamoura is also rich in real Portuguese restaurants. Eating a lot of delicious food for little money is an important aspect in the lives of the population. For the Burgundians among us, the marina is really a place to enjoy. Busy with both large and small restaurants, with many types of cuisines such as Italian, Chinese, Indian and of course Portuguese. The many bars, which are largely located above the water, make it a place to enjoy and relax. Souvenirs can also easily be purchased here. Both small tourist shops and luxury brands have a place on and around the beautiful boulevard. Boats can be rented from the marina, with a captain, to spot dolphins in the open sea. However, this does depend on the season. If you would like to travel to Vilamoura with your own boat, this is of course also possible. Please first ask the harbor master whether there is availability.


There is a beautiful beach within walking distance of the marina. This beach was also voted the most beautiful beach in Portugal in 2007. Naturally it is a little busier in the summer, but due to good organization there is enough structure and space available to enjoy the sea. Beach beds and parasols can be rented.

Roman Ruins of Cerro

Northeast of the marina are the Roman ruins of Cerro da Vila. These are villas inhabited in Roman times dating from the third century. Located close to the ruins is the museum which provides more insight into these archaeological finds.


Golf is practiced on a very large scale in Portugal. Vilamoura alone has six 18-hole golf courses and therefore several golf resorts, which offer special golf packages for tourists. The 18-hole Oceânico Victoria Clube de Golfe course hosts the Portugal Masters every year. Vilamoura is therefore a city much visited for its well-maintained golf courses, not only by foreigners, but also by Portuguese people from other parts of the country who come especially to the south coast to play a round and enjoy nature during the 18 holes. -walk.


The bars on the marina boulevard are also open at night, but for real dancers there are several clubs. Including one in the marina, called Blackjack”. As the name suggests

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