New Orleans, Louisiana: more than a southern city!

Who are the Cajun and Creoles and where do they come from? Eating an alligator after a boat trip in the swamps or eating at Bubba Gump’s restaurant? Carnival and fun performances in the cafes of the French Quarter or an evening of horror during a voodoo walk. Beautiful paddle boats and mansions on plantations also immerse you in the history of New Orleans, Louisiana.

New Orleans: more than a southern city!

When you visit the southern states of the US, you should definitely not miss a visit to New Orleans (in the state of Louisiana). In this city you will find a mix of different cultures that have found their own place over the years, but also work well together.

Cajun and Creoles

“Cajun people” throughout Louisiana, and therefore also in the bustling city of New Orleans . They are proud of their Acadian heritage, a former French colony in Canada, and speak a mixture of French and English. They were expelled by the English in the 18th century and ended up in the swamps of Louisiana. Be sure to listen to the cheerful Cajun music , sung in this language, which is also called Patois.
In this state you often hear talk about another group that lives here: the “Creoles” . In general, the descendants of French colonists who came from the Caribbean are so called.

Eating in New Orleans

In this bustling city, it is not the hamburger that rules, but the delicious Cajun dishes such as the Cajun stew, the fish-based gumbo or the alligator satay. The soul food, which was handed down through recipes from the time of slavery, is also delicious. These dishes have a delicious cuisine consisting of a mixture of sharp herbs.
Maybe you remember the movie Forrest Gump . It stars Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump, a man with a low IQ who grew up in Alabama in the 1950s and 1960s. When he has to go to the war in Vietnam, he meets Bubba. He’s not that intelligent either, but he knows everything about shrimp. They promise to buy a shrimp boat after the war . Unfortunately, Bubba dies, but Forrest keeps his promise. In New Orleans you will find Bubba Gump”. It is a restaurant that was completely decorated in the style of the film. You will find Bubba Gumps restaurant in Decaturstraat at number 429.

French Quarter

You will find numerous drinking and dining options in the French Quarter. All in the spirit of jazz or blues . On street corners

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