The holiday island of Tenerife

Do you want to go to a sunny destination in winter that is affordable and not too far to fly? Then the island of Tenerife might be something for you. The island has a varied nature and the island has a pleasant temperature all year round. There is something for every age to discover on this Spanish island, which makes Tenerife a wonderful holiday destination.

Where is Tenerife located?

Tenerife is an island belonging to the Canary Islands, the Canary Islands are part of Spain. Although Tenerife belongs to Spain, the island is located west of Morocco in the Atlantic Ocean. Tenerife has an area of just over 2000 kilometers. The highest point is El Teide at 3718 meters. El Teide is a volcano that created the island of Tenerife. The capital of Tenerife is Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which is located on the east coast of the island.

The history of Tenerife

Tenerife was created thanks to volcanic eruptions on the seabed, because the lava continued to solidify, the land rose above the water and thus Tenerife was formed. The first inhabitants of the island were the Guanches. Their exact background is not certain, but they were a primitive tribe. They initially lived in caves, communicating through flutes, gathering crops and catching fish for dinner.
About a thousand years after the arrival of the Guanches, the first attempts at conquest came. Alonso Fernandez de Lug, among others, made an attempt in 1494, but although the Guanches lived primitively and had few weapons other than clubs, they were not easily conquered. However, Alonso Fernandez de Lug returned the following year with a much larger army.
After the conquest, the pine forests on the island gave way to the cultivation of sugar cane. Tenerife was a stopover for many ships at the time. Over time, Tenerife turned into a tourist island, partly due to the weather and nature. There has been constant growth in tourism, especially since the 1960s.


Tenerife is a popular holiday destination and that is mainly due to the weather. However, Tenerife is divided, the north of Tenerife is greener, but also more humid. The south is drier in terms of landscape, but also in terms of weather. In winter the daytime temperature is around 19 degrees and in summer around 25 degrees with highs of up to 30 degrees. From October to March it is the rainy season in Tenerife. However, you will mainly notice this in the north or center of Tenerife. In the south it rains very little. In the Netherlands there is about 800mm of rain per year, in the south of Tenerife this is 150mm. Most of the rain falls in succession during a heavy shower.
Tenerife suffers from calima for a few days a year. This is hot dusty wind blowing in from the Sahara. This ensures temperatures above 40 degrees and humidity close to zero. After 3 to 5 days, this extreme heat is dissipated by rain and thunder. However, there is also snow on Tenerife in the winter months, this can only be found at the top of the El Teide volcano.

Where do you stay?

Tenerife is more or less made for tourists these days. There is plenty to do on Tenerife. There is something for everyone, so a holiday to Tenerife is suitable for young and old. Playa de las Américas is the most famous seaside resort on Tenerife. You will often find hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues here. The advantage is that as a tourist you have everything within walking distance, the disadvantage may be that you go on holiday for the peace and quiet and there can sometimes be some noisy young people, especially in the summer. There are hotels that are within walking distance of the center, but that are outside the worst of the crowds. You can also choose a city that is not far away today, such as Costa Adeje, which is also touristy, but slightly quieter. You can also choose to rent a villa or house, which can be much more fun than a hotel, especially if you go with a group. If you go to a villa with a group and can share the costs, the rent per person will not be that much. Of course you can also stay in the north where there is less tourism and more nature, but where it is a bit colder and rainier.

What can you see in Tenerife?

One of the most famous sights on Tenerife is Mount Teide. You can walk there and enjoy beautiful views, but you can also take a cable car up to look over the entire island. To the east you can view the Pyramids of Güímar. These are not pyramids that you can enter like in Egypt. These Pyramids were probably created because farmers neatly stacked the stones on their land. The park that you can visit has an area of 65,000 square meters.
To enjoy nature, it is best to book a jeep tour or rent a car yourself. If you rent a car you have plenty of time to visit the island at your own pace. You can look up valleys or coasts in advance where you can stop and possibly take a walk. Please note that not all paths are equally easy to walk.


In addition to the varied nature, you will also find several amusement parks in Tenerife. For example, the Siam Park is not far from Playa de las Américas. This water park is one of the best in the world. The park has an area of 18.5 hectares. The park is beautifully landscaped and in addition to normal swimming pools, there are also slides, most of which allow you to go down the slide with a tire, there is a quiet rapids where you can float or a slide that takes you down from a height of up to 28 meters. There is a lot of entertainment for children of all ages at this park. Everyone has been thought of.
The Loro Parque opened in 1972 as a parrot park. It is now a large zoo with many different animals and shows. The park is very well maintained and beautifully landscaped. The park has the longest aquarium tunnel and the largest penguin enclosure in Europe. Another animal park that you can visit is Jungle Park. Here you will find more than 300 animal species in yet another beautiful natural environment.

Water sports

You can practice many water sports on Tenerife. You can enjoy surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing, among other things. You are really active here, but you can also take it a bit easier. Tenerife is great for snorkeling or diving. There are several diving schools where you can take your first diving lesson in a sea with fish! You can also rent boats and kayaks on Tenerife so you can go on your own adventure.

Practical information

  • In Tenerife, payment is made in the euro
  • Tenerife is about a 4 to 5 hour flight away
  • In terms of transport, you can use the bus, car, boat or a taxi
  • It is one hour earlier than in the Netherlands
  • Spanish is spoken in Tenerife, but they also speak English in the tourist places

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