Puerto de Mogán, the Venice of Gran Canaria

One of the most beautiful seaside resorts on Gran Canaria is Puerto de Mogán, a small coastal town that belongs to the municipality of Mogán. Traditionally, Puerto de Mogán has been a fishing village, but the rise of tourism has made it one of the most beautiful holiday destinations on the island. Because of the colorful marina, the canal that runs through the village and the houses built on the canals, this seaside resort is also called the Venice of Gran Canaria.


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The municipality of Mogán in Gran Canaria

Mogán is a municipality in the province of Las Palmas (Gran Canaria) and is located about ten kilometers inland. This municipality also includes a number of small mountain villages and the city of Mogán itself, but the coastal towns of Arquinequin, Puerto Rico and Puerto de Mogán also belong to the municipality of Mogán. The town itself is located in the mountains, about 12 km from the coast of Puerto de Mogán. You can easily reach Mogán via the GC-200 road. While driving through the mountains you will see a varied landscape. The most fertile valley in the south is the Barranco de Mogán. There are large fields where all kinds of vegetables are grown, such as eggplants, pumpkins, avocados and papayas. You will see banana plantations on the steep slopes and in the spring you will smell the scent of white orange blossoms.

Seaside resort of Puerto de Mogán

This seaside resort, in the municipality of Mogán, can be considered one of the best seaside resorts on the southwest coast. Despite the small sandy beach, which is located on the port of Puerto de Mogán, it is a very popular holiday resort for tourists. The large hotels and apartment complexes have stayed away and instead there are apartment buildings that are built gradually against the slope. This already creates a pleasant atmosphere.


The marina is the central point of the village and the buildings around this marina are all built in the same style. White buildings with high windows surrounded by green window frames and door styles. Colored lines, ocher yellow, red-brown or blue, have been placed around these doors and windows of all buildings. Each building has its own color. There are several bars and restaurants on the quay where you can have a bite to eat or a drink. Further on in the village you will not encounter any cars, because it is a car-free zone. You can easily get there by car, because there are plenty of parking facilities on the outer edge where you can park your car. If you walk via the marina over the bridges to the other streets, you will encounter a wonderful floral display of bougainvillea and overhanging geraniums that grow and bloom along the houses. Also tropical trees, such as lemon trees and, if you’re lucky, palm trees with coconuts. This is already a feast for the eyes and many tourists from all over the world come here to stay in the ‘Venice of Gran Canaria’.
Marina / Source: Own imageHanging geraniums / Source: Own imageVenice of Gran Canaria / Source: Own image

Going out in Puerto de Mogán

On Friday mornings there is a popular weekly market at the beginning of the village from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. You can end the evenings in the many cozy cafes and restaurants around the harbor. Bars and restaurants with a little more action can be found in the narrow street along the canal. There is a lot of live music in various restaurants or cafes, especially on Friday and Saturday evenings. In La Taberna del Puerto, a restaurant on the promenade, you have a lot of jazz music. Another café is El Castillete. This is located on the main street and is the local pub for the Canary Islanders after 9 p.m. Various tapas are available and there is dancing.


On the pier overlooking the marina is the restaurant Cofradía de Pescadores (brotherhood of fishermen). In this restaurant you can eat fresh fish that was caught earlier in the day. You have a beautiful view of the cutters sailing in and out and there is a cozy, friendly atmosphere. There is an open kitchen in the restaurant so you can see the chefs while they are working. This restaurant is open from 12:00 and prices are around 20 euros for a whole meal.
If you are looking for local products, restaurant Playa de Mogán is recommended. Various Canarian regional dishes are served on the terrace, such as carpaccio with tuna, fried goat cheese with mojo sauce and gofio mousse with tomato jam for dessert. You get large portions for relatively little money. A complete meal is around 20 euros. The restaurant is open from 12:00. The oldest restaurant in Puerto de Mogán is the Tu Casa restaurant. This is located on the beach and the canal and is open every day from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM. In this restaurant you can get delicious Canarian soup and the real special fish dishes of the island.
Tip: If you are going out for dinner and you want a nice spot on the water, make a reservation in advance. The best tables are often already occupied by people who have reserved!

Boat trips

If you want something different than a day at the beach, there are a number of boat excursions. For example, in Puerto de Mogán you can explore the depths with a submarine, or you can look for whales. If you prefer to stay close to the coast, that is also possible. There are different types of excursions.
The yellow Submarine / Source: Kovako 1, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA-4.0) Submarine
In Puerto de Mogán you can take a trip with the Yellow Submarine, where you can view the world underwater. The yellow submarine is located at the mill, in the harbor of Puerto de Mogán. Every day from 10:00 you can join the dive boat for a 40-minute trip. The price is 31.50 for adults, for children from two to 12 years old you pay 16 euros. The disintegrated wreck Alexandra is 30 meters away and you can see many trumpet fish. You will also come across tourists who dive for fun. For more information you can take a look at the Yellow Submarine website.


Up to 29 species of whales can be found in the water between the islands of Gran Canaria and Tenerife. This is because the water is very deep and there is also a lot of food for them. The current in the water is also not very strong and that provides a perfect environment for these animals. If you want to go on a whale watching tour, you have a chance to see some of these species. Small bottlenose dolphins, toothed whales, blue and Norwegian whales, orcas and sperm whales swim in this region. If you are lucky, you may even see them jumping up out of the water from the shore. Not everyone is allowed to go on a whale watching tour. Only boats with a permit for ‘passive whale watching’ are allowed to offer the excursion. This excursion lasts on average about two hours and the captain will tell you a thing or two about the whales. A good provider of a whale watching excursion is Spirit of Sea. These sail several times a week and part of the proceeds goes to an organization that is committed to protecting whales. For more information about times and rates, please visit their website.

Along the coast

If you don’t feel like going far out on the water or underwater, you can also choose to take an excursion along the coast. The ships that make these excursions have a glass bottom and sail every half hour. You can get on and off in Puerto de Mogán, Puerto Rico and Arquinequin.

Special and beautiful attractions from Puerto de Mogan

There are many other attractions in the area around Puerto de Mogán. It is then necessary to rent a car. On the way to these attractions you will pass through a beautiful landscape, a narrow gorge with steeply rising rock walls that are completely overgrown with reeds. This is actually an experience in itself.
Bird of prey in the Palmitos Park / Source: Juan Ramon, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA-2.0) The Palmitos Park
A 35-40 minute drive from Puerto de Mogan, via roads GC-1 and GC-503, is this beautiful tropical and exotic nature and animal park. In the summer of 2007, there were major forest fires on the island, which largely destroyed the park. Fortunately, many animals were rescued and the park was reopened in 2008. There are many animals in the park and there are various shows, such as a bird of prey show, dolphin show and a parrot show. There is also a large butterfly house and there is even a monkey island. You don’t have to bring your own food and drinks, because there are several bistro cafés in the park for a snack and a drink.

Soria dam

The largest lake in Gran Canaria is located in the hamlet of El Barranquillo Andrés. The reservoir was constructed in 1972. You drive via the GC-200 and the GC-605. It is an adventurous journey to this reservoir, you climb up via many hairpin bends over an increasingly narrowing gorge towards this dam. From Puerto de Mogán it is approximately a 51-minute drive. When you arrive at the reservoir, you can drink delicious freshly squeezed orange juice at Casa Fernando and enjoy the view over the reservoir.


This beautiful, large water park with several slides, wave pool and a whitewater river is located in Maspalomas, a 23-minute drive from Puerto de Mogán, via the GC-1. A delight for all families with children who want something different than a day at the seaside. You can even swim with sea lions here. You will pay a little more and you must reserve in advance.


  • Think carefully about applying sunscreen when sunbathing. The sun is very strong here and you can burn quickly. Use a good sunscreen with a high UV factor.
  • Banks are open from Monday to Friday until 2:00 PM. So keep this in mind if you want to go to a bank for any financial matters.


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