Garden centers with a beautiful Christmas show/Christmas market

There are many Christmas markets to visit before Christmas, at home and abroad. The Christmas markets in Germany are especially popular. Unfortunately, a visit to such a Christmas market costs quite a bit of money. It’s not just transport there that often costs a lot of money. But an overnight stay in the area is not free either. And such a Christmas market is often not just around the corner. A nice and cheap solution is to visit garden centers. There are garden centers that transform their garden center into a wonderful Christmas paradise. Often much more atmospheric and beautiful than a Christmas market. A real Christmas show.

De Boet garden centre

From October, Hoogwoud will have one of the most beautifully decorated garden centers in the Netherlands. Namely De Boet garden centre . This garden center has a very high brand awareness in the north of North Holland. Every year, many retirement homes, institutions and companies organize outings to admire the Christmas show at the De Boet garden center. The garden center is so popular with its Christmas show that at the busiest times (after Sinterklaas) it is wise to make a reservation at the garden center to view the show with groups.
In addition to this Christmas show you will find a real living stable of Joseph and Mary. Children get free hot chocolate. In the De Boet garden center you will also find a café where you can eat and drink. In addition to admiring the show, you can of course also buy various Christmas items there. If you want to go there, go in the morning when the garden center has just opened. It is still relatively quiet and you can view everything at your leisure without being knocked over by other people. Are you coming at a busier time? Please keep in mind that it can be really busy and there is a good chance that you will have to park further away. Despite the large parking lot, traffic controllers may sometimes send you to another parking facility during the Christmas period. For opening hours and address, visit De Boet garden center.

Garden center Osdorp

In Amsterdam, the Osdorp garden center stands head and shoulders above other garden centers. This garden center can truly call itself the most beautifully decorated (Christmas) garden center in Amsterdam. Every year this garden center surprises everyone with different Christmas themes in their Christmas show. Children absolutely love the Osdorp garden center. There are many children’s activities in this garden center. There is a traveling train, a telling polar bear and a ski lift that goes over the mini villages. The cozy garden café really completes it. Osdorp Garden Center has its own large car park where you can park for free. But you can also easily get to the Osdorp garden center by public transport. For an impression, the address and opening hours, please visit the Osdorp garden center.

Garden Center the East

Big bigger Biggest. That can rightly be said. Tuincentrum het Oosten, with its 80,000 m2, is the largest garden center in the Netherlands. Due to the size of this garden center, the Christmas show is somewhat less intimate than the other Christmas shows. But Het Oosten garden center has done its very best to create a very pleasant atmosphere. In addition to the lovely Christmas show, you can also enjoy a cup of coffee in the café. If you are tired of the Christmas show, there is still an opportunity to take a look at the other departments of this garden center. You can easily take a few hours to visit this garden center. And don’t forget to put on your walking shoes, because there will be quite a few meters of walking in this impressive garden center. Parking is absolutely no problem, because the parking lots are very large. For information and address, visit the Oosten garden center.

Christmas sale

Christmas items in the Netherlands are also not exactly cheap. But you can make a big deal during the Christmas sales. At most garden centers the Christmas sale starts a few days before Christmas. With a 10 to 25 percent discount. After Christmas the big Christmas sale starts with discounts of up to 80 percent. If you want to take advantage of such a sale, don’t wait too long. Because a few days after the start of the sale, the Christmas shows are already very empty and the nicest things have already been sold. During the sale it is sometimes even busier than before Christmas. After all, everything has to be sold as much as possible so that we can show off the most beautiful and newest things at the Christmas show again next year. Garden centers prefer to store as little as possible for next year. So often really expensive things go for next to nothing.

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