Nice trips in Värmland (Sweden)

If you go on holiday to the province of Värmland in Sweden, you can do a lot. This sparsely populated province has nice sights. Anyone who enjoys walking will enjoy this beautiful province. There are marked walks through the Swedish forests. One should not deviate from the route as it is easy to get lost. It is also great fun to sail downstream on the Klärälven river with a canoe or raft. Someone interested in culture could certainly visit the Finnish Settlements.


  • First something about the province of Värmland in Sweden
  • Municipalities within Värmland
  • Nature in Värmland
  • Animals
  • The Klarälven river
  • Trips/sights
  • Canoeing or rafting on the Klarälven
  • Walk waterfall Brattfallet
  • Various routes
  • Femtåfallet waterfall hike
  • Värmlands Moosepark
  • Looking for moose yourself
  • Take a look in Nusnäs at the Dalarna horse factory


First something about the province of Värmland in Sweden

The province of Värmland is one of the twenty-one provinces of Sweden. By the way, it is pronounced Wermland in Swedish . Actually that just means warm country . The people of Sweden do not talk about their province where they come from, but about the landscape where they live. The Swedish name for provinces is län and the Swedish name for landscape is landskap . Värmland is also called Värmlands län.
Värmlands län is not a large province. It only occupies 4.3 percent of the total area (100%) of the whole of Sweden. It has an area of 17,583 km². The capital is Karlstad. Värmland is located on the Norwegian border (west), borders the provinces of Dalarnas län (north), Örebro län (east) and Västra Götalands län (south).

Municipalities within Värmland

The province is divided into sixteen municipalities. These municipalities are:

  • Torsby
  • Sunne
  • Storfors
  • Saffle
  • Munkfors
  • Kristinehamn
  • Kil
  • Karlstad
  • Hammarö
  • Hagfors
  • Grums
  • Forshaga
  • Philipstad
  • Eda
  • Arvika
  • Årjäng

The municipalities of Kristinehamn, Hammarö, Karlstad, Grums and Säffle border Lake Vänern.

Nature in Värmland

Värmland is a sparsely populated area. About sixteen people live on 1 km². The rest is nature, no less than 77% of the total area consists of forest. These forests are very vast and one can easily get lost. It is therefore very important to never deviate from the paths during a walk. There are more than 10,500 lakes, of which Lake Vänern is the largest. There are also many smaller lakes (in Swedish they are called sjö(n)), where moose come to drink at sunset and sunrise. There are some beautiful waterfalls. These are: Brattfallet
Diggerfallet and Femtåfallet. Sweden’s longest river is the Klarälven River . This river also flows through Värmlands län.


The animals that live here (including in these forests) include:

  • elk
  • badgers
  • deer
  • lynxes
  • wolves (very rare to see)
  • bears (very rare to see)
  • beavers

You may also be lucky enough to see a capercaillie or owl. There are also cranes present. They like to eat in the moist meadows. When you think of moose, you may only think of the brown colored variety, but there are also some white moose. This is actually unique and concerns an error” in nature.
river Klarälven with loop / Source: ©ottergraafjes

The Klarälven river

As mentioned earlier

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