Nord-Pas de Calais – The Opal Coast

With its white chalk cliffs, the coastal strip between Calais and Boulogne is also called the Opal Coast. Highlights are the beautiful chalk cliffs Cap Blanc Nez and Cap Gris Nes. The coastal towns of Wissant and Winereux are certainly worth a visit.

Cap Blanc Nez

Anyone who leaves the road past Calais and drives along the coast towards Cap Blanc-Nez knows where the name Opal Coast comes from. Beautiful white chalk cliffs, long beaches and rough seas live up to its name. On top of the 134 meter high rock you can enjoy the view; in good weather you can see the white rocks of England. Cap Blanc-Nez is surrounded by bunkers from the Second World War. This is also a unique place for glider pilots. If you take the walking path over the rocks and beach towards Wissant, you may be lucky enough to find fossils and ammonites along the way.


On the way to Cap Gris-Nez you will pass the town of Wissant, which owes its name to the white sand”. This is a unique place for beach sailors and windsurfers to practice your sport. Remnants of the Atlantic Wall can also be found here. These had to protect the German occupiers against attacks from the sea during the Second World War. Just past Wissart you will find the Atlantic War museum “Battery Todt” at Audinghen with a beautiful private collection.

Cap Gris Nez

With its 45 meter high rock

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