Going out in Turnhout (Belgium)

Everyone wants to go out or go out sometimes. In Turnhout, just across the Dutch border, there are many places where you can go in the evening. When you arrive in an unknown city, it is not easy to know where you want to go. However, there are many options in the city of Turnhout. You can have a nice chat, taste special beers, but also hit the dance floor until the late hours.


The nightlife is well centered. All places are within walking distance of each other. If you come by car you can easily park for free on the ring around the center. By public transport you can get to Turnhout station by bus or train. From here it is easy to discover the city.

Nightlife in Turnhout

. Turnhout
A station . The
Penge B. Barzoen
C . Youth center Wollewei
D . In den Spytighen Duvel
E . Dax Café
F . The Tangle
G . Café Dépôt
H . Club 1900
I . The Black Rider

The Penge

Lindekensstraat 45, Turnhout, Belgium
De Penge is officially the oldest café in Turnhout. Since 1890 you can enjoy a drink and a snack here. It is a small and rustic pub where you will find many different beers, including a ‘Schuppenboer’ that is brewed in the Turnhout brewery Het Nest. The manager is happy to tell you all about it. Ideal to spend the afternoon.


Warandestraat 42, Turnhout, Belgium
Those who love culture should come here. This café is housed within the same building as the De Warande cultural center. It is no coincidence that you can often enjoy lectures or performances here for free. You can come here until midnight for a cocktail, a local beer or water from the tap.

Wollewei youth center

Draaiboomstraat 6, Turnhout, Belgium
This youth center in the city of Turnhout guarantees adventure. You have a beer and soft drink of the month. You will even find a menu of the week. The board, for and by young people, regularly organizes performances of all kinds of styles. Both novice and professional bands and DJs have their place.

In the pithy devil

Otterstraat 99, Turnhout, Belgium
The café with the most extensive beer menu in Turnhout and the surrounding area. There is something for everyone in this cafe. The only thing that can be difficult is getting a seat to enjoy a good pint. There is also a wide range of board games that you can borrow for free.

Dax Café

Warandestraat 99, Turnhout, Belgium
Dax is the friendly owner of this pub. It is a pub where everyone is welcome. There is a free atmosphere and there is a lot of laughter. There are concerts every week where the noise level exceeds everything. So not a pub for the faint of heart.

The Tangle

Otterstraat 8, Turnhout, Belgium
A brown pub a few meters from the market. In this café you can read a book in the afternoon, but you can also order your last beer a few minutes before 5:00 am! Every Friday and Saturday there are DJs who play varied music. Often the crutches are put aside and the legs are thrown loose on the improvised dance floor.

Café Depot

Grote Markt 16, Turnhout, Belgium
On the Grote Markt you will find this youth café where popular cocktails are sold quickly . The electronic music and the modern look ensure that many spontaneous parties erupt. In short, a pub where style and entertainment come first.

Club 1900

Grote Markt 23, Turnhout, Belgium
This club is open every weekend. You will find a cozy bar at the front and a real club at the back. This was originally a postal building. This can be found on the walls of the building, which are covered with antique mailboxes. The building is also called ‘the theater café’. At the back is a large and authentic theater room. Unfortunately, this part is no longer used due to the poor condition of the building. Fortunately, the café and club are worth it!

The Black Rider

Zegeplein 12, Turnhout, Belgium
This café is a fixture in Turnhout’s nightlife. The dance floor is always filled and the music can vary from day to day. There are many events including schlager evening, ‘shotjes night’, but also football on the big screen. To make it complete, this is the favorite café of several student associations.

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