Practical information about the Uluru Mountains in Australia

Uluru is a famous mountain in Australia. The million-year-old mountain clearly stands out because of its special appearance in the flat environment. It has a striking red glow and it contains steep mountain walls. This mountain is also far from inhabited civilization. Near Uluru there is another mountain range with a unique appearance. Both mountains are part of the same national park. How exactly did Uluru come into existence? Why does the mountain range look so strange and how high is the mountain range? Is it possible to take a hike around the mountain?

The Uluru Mountains in Australia

  • Designation
  • What’s special about Mount Uluru?
  • What does Uluru look like?
  • How did this mountain come into being?
  • Where is this mountain located?
  • How can I go there?



The Aboriginals called the mountain Uluru”. This is also the official name. The gigantic rock formation is also known as Ayers Rock. This name dates from the year 1873.

What’s special about Mount Uluru?

Uluru is an impressive mountain that stands in stark contrast to the rest of its surroundings. This is why this natural wonder is known worldwide as one of Australia’s most special sights. The rock extends for kilometers further underground.

What does Uluru look like?

The mountain has a red/orange glow. The slopes of this rock formation are steep on all sides. As a result

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