Camping in Sweden: Camping Alevi in Fastnäs (Värmland)

If you are looking for a nice campsite in the province of Värmland in Sweden, you could visit Camping Alevi. This campsite is located between Ekshärad and Stöllet. To be precise, the campsite falls under the town of Fastnäs. Part of the campsite is located on the Klarälven River. The campsite is run by the Dutch couple Meine and Willy Schreiber, together with their son. This campsite was also represented at the Vakantiebeurs in Utrecht and in the WTC Leeuwarden during the Caravana camping fair (2019).


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Camping in Sweden

Sweden is a great country to go on holiday. The nature is beautiful, there are many lakes and plenty to do. For people who do not like camping, there are options to stay in a hotel. There are various options for campers. You can camp at a campsite in your own tent, trailer or caravan/camper. There are also campsites that rent out holiday homes – stugas in Swedish – or even a furnished tent. For someone who likes peace and quiet and does not want to stay in a cabin at a campsite, there are also options for staying in a holiday home on a beautiful lake.
mosquito net / Source: ©ottergraafjes


Mosquitoes can be found in certain parts of Scandinavia in summer. Lapland in particular is known for this from mid-June to mid-August. Mosquitoes can be very present in areas where there is stagnant fresh water, but also in swampy (peat) areas. This is also the case in Värmland. Fortunately, there are remedies for this.


Various ointments are available at the pharmacy. Of course, mosquito repellents are also available in the Netherlands, but it is recommended to buy these remedies (including Mygga ) in Scandinavia. Many Scandinavian campsites also sell this. Another good alternative is to purchase a mosquito net for your head. You can close this with a string under your chin. The mosquitoes will still come to you, but they have much less chance of biting you. This net can be purchased at fishing equipment stores, among others.

Where is camping Alevi located in Sweden

Camping Alevi is located in the Swedish province of Värmland. That is a province located in the middle of Sweden. It borders Norway to the west. The capital of the province of Värmland is Karlstad. There are several campsites in the province of Värmland. They are often located on the river Klarälven , which means clear river . Camping Alevi is located along road number 62 between Ekshärad and Stöllet, to be precise in the town of Fastnäs.

Origin of camping Alevi

This campsite has existed for exactly 10 years in 2016. The campsite was named Camping Alevi when it was founded. Alevi means old alder in Swedish . These appear to have stood on the banks of the Klarälven River. The campsite partly borders this river. The name was coined by the residents of the village of Fastnäs. Anyone who enjoys speaking Dutch during their holiday – at the campsite – would do well to go to Camping Alevi. This campsite is run by a Dutch couple. In addition, there are several campsites in Sweden that are run by Dutch people.

Owners of Alevi campsite

However, at the time the campsite was founded, the Dutch couple, the Schreiber family, was not yet the owner. They only bought the campsite in 2008. At that time they still lived in the Netherlands, but in April 2009 they moved permanently to Sweden. The campsite is run by Meine and Willy Schreiber. They do this together with their son Tsjeard Jan. Meine and Willy Schreiber originally come from Friesland.

General impression of the campsite

This campsite scores well on various sites where people can give an opinion. An average of 8! In general, people are very satisfied with the campsite and the owners and what there is to do. Unfortunately, there are always people who have something to complain about. And that is not right. It is known that mosquitoes can be present in Sweden in summer. But there is certainly something to be said about that. It also appears that there are people who are critical of the sanitary facilities. According to them it would not be enough. It should not be forgotten that the campsite was built on a former football field and that the former changing room now serves as a sanitary building or reception. The sanitary facilities are always clean and that is a very important factor. Most people would like to come back to this campsite again. Most camping guests are Dutch, but you will also find other nationalities.

Warm welcome

What is very striking and very positive: when you arrive at the campsite, they take the time for you as a family. You will be offered coffee or tea and while you enjoy it you will receive an explanation about various matters. During the summer period, the summer program regarding entertainment is provided, so that it is clear to parents with children and of course the children themselves what is being done.


The campsite is partly located on a former football field. The Swedish footballer Sven-Göran Eriksson played football here. Eriksson may be a well-known person to some. He has been manager of the England national team. He has also trained several top European clubs. The fact that the campsite is partly located on a former football field is clearly visible in the camping pitches. They are all almost flat. That is a nice bonus for setting up a tent, for example. The other part of the campsite is located on the banks of the Klarälven river. From there it is very easy to leave with a canoe or to moor there again. Fishing is also very popular there.

Camping spots

This campsite is spacious. There are 60 camping pitches, all of which are approximately 120 m2 in size. All camping pitches have their own electricity (4 or 10 amps) and are equipped with grass. It is allowed to barbecue on your own spot. In addition, there are various fireplaces throughout the camping site.

Rental accommodations

The campsite also has rental accommodations. These consist of fully equipped cabins (stuga) and safari tents.

Reception with kiosk

The reception with kiosk, canteen/restaurant, sanitary building and the room where the washing machine and dryer are located are located in the same building, although each in a separate room. A limited number of items are for sale in the kiosk.
Opening hours

  • In the summer period (July and August) from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm and from 1:30 pm to 10:00 pm.
  • Outside the summer period (depending on the number of guests) from Monday to Saturday from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and from 1:30 pm to 7:00 pm.
  • On Sundays from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM and from 1:30 PM to 7:00 PM.
  • The reception is closed every day during the lunch break from 12:30 to 1:30 PM.



The toilets, showers and washrooms are for mixed use. So there is no separate men’s or women’s department. However, in the room where the toilets are located, it is clearly indicated which toilets are for men or women. This does not matter for the showers or washrooms. Showering is free, with a card on which money is placed. In addition to the mixed showers and toilets, there is also a separate family shower. This area is intended for families with children up to six years old and for people who are somehow unable to use the regular showers. Anyone who wants to use this will have to report this to reception and he/she will then receive the key to this room.

Dishwashing area and cooking facilities

You can do the dishes in two different places. Or in a covered area or under a shelter. There is a refrigerator for general use in the covered area. In Scandinavian countries it is very normal that in addition to cooking food in your caravan/camper or tent, you can also do this at a special cooking facility. This is also possible at this campsite.


There is not really a restaurant, because there is simply no space for it. However, the canteen has several tables with chairs, which they also use for camping guests who want to eat. The food tastes great, although you have to let us know what you want to eat in the afternoon. This is necessary so that they know what to buy. You can’t just join us. In some cases this can be annoying, but if you are aware of this, you will get used to it. This is just their rule.

Animation team

In addition to the owners, there are a number of people during the summer period who ensure that holidaymakers can enjoy their holiday. For example, during the summer period there is an entertainment team present for a certain number of weeks to entertain the children. Various things are organized. The summer program given to guests upon arrival lists what they are organizing. This may vary from year to year. Of course it depends on what the animation team has in mind.

Campsite opening hours

From the first week of February to mid-March you can enjoy the winter conditions at Alevi campsite. It is then possible to book a so-called winter adventure. You will sleep in a stuga (cabin) and you can do various fun activities. All information about this can be found on the campsite’s website under the heading winter adventure.

Other information

Värmland is also called little Canada . This is because the environment is reminiscent of Canada. In addition, there is an Indian Summer in the fall . The trees have then changed into beautiful autumn colours. This campsite is centrally located in Värmland and it is therefore possible to make nice trips in the area. You can also camp cheaper at this nice campsite during the low season. Various types of animals live in and around the Värmland forests. Animals one might see include:

  • a beaver
  • a moose
  • a glutton
  • a tie
  • a lynx
  • a wolf

The animal that can be seen the fastest is the moose.

Campsite address and contact details

Camping Alevi
Fastnäs 53
S-680 51 Stöllet
Campsite telephone number: +46 (0)563-86050Internet: www.alevi-camping.come-mail: [email protected]

Camping fairs

If you want more information about this campsite, you can visit a holiday fair. In 2020 they will be at both the Vakantiebeurs in Utrecht (at the Norge Reiser stand) and the Caravana camping fair in the WTC in Leeuwarden. In addition to the owner and hostess, there are a number of people present who can tell you everything about the ins and outs of this campsite. Not only campers who have not been to this campsite before come to one of the fairs. Camping guests who have been there before also often drop by for a chat.

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