Australia, a beautiful and diverse country

Australia a continent and country. It is known as one of the most diverse countries, with animal species that only live there and a special nature. Most of the land is nature and only the aborigines, the original inhabitants of Australia, live there.

  • General information:
  • Nature and cities in Australia
  • Animal species
  • The best travel period
  • Mandatory travel documents
  • Health and Australia
  • Money matters
  • Language
  • Aboriginals


General information:

  • Continent: Oceania
  • Original name: Australia
  • Language: English
  • Currency: Australian dollar


Nature and cities in Australia

One of the most important aspects of Australia is nature. There are beautiful natural parks, such as the Kakadu National Park. From Caims you can take trips through the jungle. However, always do this with someone who knows the jungle. Kangaroo Island is also very worthwhile. In addition to the abundance of nature, there are also many vibrant cities in Australia, such as Sydney and Melbourne. Many tours start in Sydney because of the international airport. In the area you will find Christmas Island.


Canberra is the capital of Australia. It is the seventh largest city in the country in terms of population. It is the largest city in Australia that is not located on the sea. The city is very quiet compared to other major Australian cities. There are few people and you are not really bothered by heavy traffic. Yet it is an important city, as the government is located there, for example.
Canberra also has some fascinating sights. For example, take a look at the Classic Government Building. This is accessible to visitors after strict checks. There are many different parks in the center of the city, where you can really relax. Nearby is the Black Mountain and you will find the Australian National Botanic Gardens. At the top of the mountain is the Telstra tower. From here you have a beautiful view of the city.

Animal species

Many animal species that you encounter in Australia are unique and can only be seen there in the wild. For example, there are kangaroos, which are seen as the symbol for Australia. The koala also lives in Australia. You will also find animals such as the Wombat, the Tasmanian Devil, Possums and the Platypus. In the Great Barrier Reef, the largest reef in the world, you can see many different coral species. All kinds of fish also live there.

The best travel period

You can visit Australia all year round. The locals have holidays in mid-June, but also from September to December. If you want to go to Australia, it is wise to take this into account. It can be a lot busier at well-known sights. If you want more peace and quiet in the national parks and cities, it may be advisable to go to Australia outside the holiday periods.

Mandatory travel documents

If you travel to Australia you need a valid passport. Are you making a stopover in Asia? Please keep in mind that your passport must be valid for at least six months after your return to your own country. You also need a visa to enter the country. Many tour tour companies can arrange a visa application for you. You usually pay a low amount for this. You must then provide your passport details and everything will be arranged.

Health and Australia

If you go to Australia you do not need any vaccinations. If you have been infected with yellow fever six days prior to your visit, a vaccination against it is mandatory. Medical care in Australia is excellent. However, keep in mind that there are many areas where you walk in the middle of nature. Therefore, to be on the safe side, always take a first aid kit, so that you always have something at hand in the event of an emergency.

Money matters

In Australia, payments are made with the Australian dollar. In the larger towns there are ATMs where you can withdraw money with a Dutch bank card. You can use the credit card in many shops and restaurants, but it is not yet accepted everywhere. However, a credit card is often required to rent a car or camper. A deposit is often required when renting a camper or car.


In Australia the main language is English. So you can easily communicate with the population in English here. Australians often use shortened words that many people see as humorous. For example, Gday is used to greet someone. The word mozzies is used for mosquitoes and a barbie is used for a barbecue. It takes some getting used to understanding these words, but this usually won’t take much effort.


The original inhabitants of Australia are the Aboriginals. These people are known for their spiritual mindset. They are closely linked to nature in Australia. They also make special music with, for example, the didgeridoo. The Aboriginals mainly live in secluded reserves. As a tourist you usually cannot just go here. Do you meet an Aboriginal during your trip? Then treat him with respect and leave him alone if he wishes.

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