Volcanic Eifel: Klotten animal and amusement park

When you say Vulkaneifel, you mainly think of nature and hiking. Yet there is also something else to experience in this beautiful region. For example, you can go to the Wild-und Freizeitpark Klotten in the municipality of the same name. A very nice zoo with many animals. Native animals such as wild boars and deer, but also bears and wapitis. In addition to the animal park, there is also a fantastic amusement park with many attractions, including a spectacular whitewater course. This way, young and old alike want to go there and everyone will have a fun day!

Wild and Freizeitpark Klotten: how do I get there?


The Wildlife and Recreation Park Klotten is located in the German city of the same name. You will find the Wild-und Freizeitpark Klotten more inland, in the mountains, about 10 kilometers from Cochem on the Moselle and about 20 kilometers from Kaisersesch, more specifically in the Hennes Gbr, Wildparkstrasse 1, 56618 Klotten/ Cochem.


You can get there very easily via the A48 motorway from Koblenz or Trier. Exit Kaisersesch towards Cochem. The park is clearly indicated everywhere on yellow signs with black letters.

Chair lift to and from Cochem

If you don’t want to drive straight to the park, you can drive to Cochem and take the chair lift up there. For about 4 euros per person you can have a nice trip up and enjoy breathtaking views. The park is about a 15-minute walk from the arrival of the chair lift. To return, you can take the chair lift back for 4 euros per person, or you can go down on foot. The road to Cochem is well signposted and runs through nature. Sports enthusiasts can of course also walk up from Cochem on foot! Once at the top, don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful view of the Moselle. After visiting the zoo, you can enjoy a glass of Moselle wine in the town of Klotten, which is located next to the Moselle.

Wild and leisure park Klotten: layout

As the name itself suggests, there are two parts to the park. On the one hand the park is a zoo or animal park, on the other hand it is a leisure park with numerous attractions. Both parts are next to each other but do not really merge. You have the zoo on one side, the amusement park on the other. We thought this was a minor drawback. People who don’t like attractions will have to leave after the zoo part. And the zoo alone won’t fill a whole day. People who love attractions can easily skip the zoo part. A mix of attractions/animals would have been better, because you would have variety. But of course it is understandable that the animals cannot stand among the attractions, otherwise they would go crazy after a while from the twisting, whirring, whooping and screaming! When you enter the park you will receive a map with explanations in three languages (German, English and Dutch) and a brochure with the times of the birds of prey show and with the hours of a puppet show for the little ones (in German).

Klotten Zoo

Birds and wild animals

When you enter the park, you first have a number of aviaries. Then you come to the raccoons, who can enjoy a water feature and trees to climb. After the deer you come to the wild boars. If you are lucky enough to get to the zoo at the right time, all the animals will have babies. Super cute! The zoo also has a number of beautiful bear specimens and a pack of wolves. Also wapitis, ibexes and goats. You can also encounter ostriches and emus there. All animals are housed in spacious, clean cages in which the natural environment has been recreated as closely as possible.
Birds of Prey Show
The zoo also has a large number of birds of prey, not always the most beautiful! These birds of prey, which all have a name that can also be found on the cages, perform a show several times a day. You will find eagles and eagle owls, but also vultures and falcons. During the show, the animals are taken out of the cages one by one. Each time a short explanation is given about the animal, after which the animal is allowed to fly around freely and is then recalled. The birds of prey are perfectly trained, although some want to enjoy their freedom a little longer than others. It sometimes happens that one flies for a while in the nearby area. You can see them floating and flying beautifully against the wooded rock walls and sometimes even fighting with other, smaller birds of prey. The trainers don’t mind this and after the show you often see them driving into the mountains with the Klotti cars to retrieve their animals. The only downside: all explanations during the birds of prey show are in German. So if you don’t really speak the language, you will unfortunately miss a lot of the interesting explanations about the living habits of the birds of prey.

Klotten amusement park

Highest whitewater course in Germany

The highlight of the amusement park is Germany’s highest whitewater course, the Zum Rittersturz”. Built in 2012 and 25 meters high. You take a seat in a kind of Viking boat that can accommodate six people. You will then be pulled up along a high tower. Then a wild ride straight down begins

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