South Limburg is a beautiful, hilly region

South Limburg, and especially the southernmost part of it, is sometimes called “Little Switzerland” and not without reason. There are large hills and beautiful, quiet valleys. A holiday destination par excellence for campers and people who do not want to go too far from home. A beautiful area also for walkers and cyclists. The climate is fine. In the spring it turns green faster than in the rest of the Netherlands. In the summer it is warmer and in the winter it is often colder than elsewhere, with a greater risk of frost and snow. Cyclists come there to practice because of the hills in preparation for the major cycling festivals, of which the Amstel Gold Race is also held in South Limburg.

The highest mountain in hilly South Limburg

The highest point in the Netherlands is located in Vaals. The Vaalserberg measures just over 321 meters in height. At the highest point, three border posts stand side by side. These are the border posts of the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Three countries meeting each other there at that point.

The four-country point”

It was once a four-country point

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