10 tourist tips for Denmark

Denmark is a nice country. Some parts are somewhat similar in nature to the Netherlands, except that it is undulating to hilly. The Danish language is more difficult to listen to than to read. The Danes have a pronunciation that is strange to the Dutch. NB! This article is written from the personal view of the author and may contain information that is not scientifically substantiated and/or in line with the general view.


  • Holiday in Denmark
  • 1. Fishing in Denmark
  • 2. Forests in Northern Denmark
  • 3. Phyn
  • 4. Egeskov Castle
  • 5. Nature in Denmark
  • 6. Copenhagen
  • 7. Christianastad
  • 8. Fyn’s head
  • 9. Legoland
  • 10. Sweet bakery products


Holiday in Denmark

Holidays in Denmark can be very original. There are fjords in the North, beautiful beaches in the West and many nice cities. By the way, there are many different beaches; on some beaches you can hardly lie down because of the stones. Denmark is a varied country. Copenhagen is close to Sweden; you can also pass through Denmark on your way to the rest of Scandinavia. The advantage of Denmark is that from Amsterdam you can reach the Danish border after a 6-hour drive; it is relatively close. Denmark is the closest country on the European continent where you cannot pay with euros; that increases the holiday feeling.

1. Fishing in Denmark

Hornstholm is a fishing village in the north of Denmark. You can fish for sea fish here with your own fishing rod. You need a half kilo blinker for sea fishing. You can keep the fish you catch. There is a campsite nearby where you can fillet the fish yourself, but you can also have it done by a company. Many Germans drive to this part of Denmark especially to catch fish for the whole year. The Danes also like to do that, but the Dutch are still in the minority.

2. Forests in Northern Denmark

In Northern Denmark you will find two completely different types of forests close together. The nature reserve of Northern Denmark is called Tyr and is the first nature reserve in the country. In the dunes you will find fairytale dune forests. The birches are as wide as they are high and are covered with a thick layer of moss. Low dune forests alternate with beautiful heathland landscapes. The dunes in Northern Denmark are much higher than in the Netherlands. The beach itself is not ideal; there are many stones. A few kilometers inland you will find completely different forests. There are more forests as we know them in the Netherlands, with many tall trees. Every now and then there is a burial mound or dolmen among the woods.

3. Phyn

Fyn is also called the Funen in Dutch. It is a large island on which the city of Odense is located. There is a zoo in Odense itself, which is always a nice attraction. In the past, tourists mainly went to Copenhagen on holiday, but Fyn is just as very interesting. There are many different beaches and landscapes. Langeland is located at the bottom of Fyn and has a completely different experience than the rest of the island.

4. Egeskov Castle

Egeskov Castle is located 25 kilometers south of Odense. It is a 500 year old castle with beautiful authentic room furnishings. One of the showpieces is an old, huge dollhouse. There are also many other old toys to admire. There is a lot to do for the children in the castle garden. There are three mazes that adults and children can explore. There is also a huge playground. You can also climb up a staircase from a tree to walk to other trees via suspension bridges. In addition, there are many temporary exhibitions that are very worthwhile. In 2013 there was an exhibition of old fire trucks, old engines and a museum section full of vintage cars.

5. Nature in Denmark

The nature in Denmark is comparable to the Netherlands, except that there are more and larger forests. There are many fallow deer and roe deer; You can often see these, especially during the twilight hours. Some groups of fallow deer consist of as many as 70. You can wander through the woods for hours without meeting many people.

6. Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a beautiful city. The entire city center is somewhat based on an Amsterdam model, but with a typically local slant. It is a nice city to walk through a lot. The royal museum is definitely worth a visit; it is an example of magisterial architecture. You can go directly from Amsterdam to Copenhagen by train.

7. Christianastad

Christianastad is a city originally built by hippies in the 60s and 70s. It has remained standing because it has become a unique attraction; many young people come there. Nowadays many artists live there who run interesting shops and undertake fun projects. In recent years, Christianastad has regularly been in the news negatively due to the soft drug trade, fights between gangs and the refusal of the Danish government to tolerate soft drugs.

8. Fyn’s head

A very beautiful part of the large island of Fyn is Fyn´s head. This is a small peninsula with a high hill on it. The hill gives you a beautiful view, 360 degrees all around. On the beach of this peninsula you can find interesting stones; there are a lot of flints. The hill is covered with some meadows where cows and sheep graze. You can get a breath of fresh air on Fyn’s head.

9. Legoland

Legoland is of course a good choice to go to with the children. It is an amusement park where everything is based on the well-known Lego building block. Boats, houses, cars, you name it, everything is made of Lego in this Danish amusement park. Besides viewing Lego buildings, you can do all kinds of things there, just like in other amusement parks.

10. Sweet bakery products

Denmark has very tasty sweet pastries. Many pastries are made with puff pastry. Furthermore, chocolate is a favorite element. When you go on holiday in Denmark, you should enjoy delicious cake and pastries. It is best to buy a cake from a bakery and eat it together at the campsite or in the house or hotel. Of course you can also eat a cake on a terrace.

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