Cheap day out in the Netherlands with children

A trip with children can be very expensive. A day at Efteling with two children can easily cost around €200. Moreover, amusement parks are predictable. But an outing that everyone can enjoy for a considerably lower price is also possible. After all, the purpose of a day out is to see something, experience it, and have fun. Look around you and make choices based on the age of the children. Sometimes fun events that hardly cost anything are close by. Consult the events calendar in the weekly newspapers. Many cities have city parks with a petting zoo, playgrounds and sometimes a visitor center. In many city parks you can enjoy free music with your children in the summer, made by local artists. Sometimes even by celebrities. Recreational lakes, of which there are many in our country, usually only charge money for parking and usually have nice playground equipment.

A day out with children does not have to be expensive

Many parents think of a day out with children at a well-known amusement park. Nothing wrong with that of course if everyone enjoys it. But such a day out can be quite expensive due to fuel consumption, entrance fee and some refreshments. The result is that for many this day is also the only outing in the season . But making several affordable trips during one holiday is very interesting for a family that does not go to Spain, France or Turkey, for example. If you want a cheap day out, you should first ask yourself who is going and what goal you have in mind. For most people , a nice trip is seeing something, experiencing a lot and having fun. Of course you may also prefer to relax. There are many cheap options for such a fun day. Some suggestions for a fun day out:

Take a good look at the events calendar of a door-to-door newspaper

Such a newspaper often contains events from the immediate area. Usually not expensive, but often more interesting than many people think. Many people make the trip to an expensive amusement park, but do not know what beautiful things they have missed in their own area for a small amount of money.
free music in Sonsbeek Arnhem city park / Source: National Historical Museum, Flickr (CC BY-SA-2.0)

Some options for a cheap day out with children

A city park in the summer is often a party

Every reasonable city in our country has a city park. City parks are free to enter and are great fun to visit with children, especially in the summer. There is often a large playing field with play equipment . Many parks have a petting zoo that is especially fun for younger children. In certain cities there is a visitor center where you can find a lot of nice information about nature. In the summer, bands and solo artists perform in many parks on Sundays. These concerts are free and with a bit of luck you can even see a celebrity perform. The atmosphere created by artists and visitors can create a fantastic afternoon. There is a mobile chip shop and/or ice cream man for the necessary refreshments. A cheaper, fun outing is hardly conceivable.
fun for little money / Source: Edoderoo, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA-3.0) A recreational lake is also possible in less warm weather.
There is probably a recreational lake near your place of residence that is accessible for free . The only thing you have to pay for is the parking space. Recreational lakes usually also have playground equipment where the children can have fun, so it really doesn’t have to be thirty degrees to go there.
children are active in a museum / Source: Museum Hilversum, Flickr (CC BY-2.0) Visit a museum with an active program
Do you know if your children like a museum? Many parents do not go there because they have the idea that a museum is all about looking and do not find it that attractive themselves. But that is a big misconception. There are many museums where children and adults can be active, more than just a treasure hunt. Tip: a museum annual card can be of great benefit to enthusiasts, because it usually allows you to enter most museums for free.

A climbing forest or climbing hall is great

A relatively new form of recreation is a climbing forest or an indoor climbing hall (not to be confused with real climbing gyms). For a reasonable entrance fee you can also spend a few fun hours here. Sometimes there are also routes in the area with a ‘survival tour’ where a fun, exciting course can be completed.

Take an organized walking or cycling tour

Take an organized walking or cycling tour with the family. A tour is designed in such a way that a normal healthy person can handle it with ease. The organization of tours shows participants places that they often do not know how to find themselves. Beautiful views or special places can provide a wonderful experience. A commemorative banner or medal is often handed out afterwards, which makes the already reasonable registration costs even more attractive.

Visit open days

In the summer there are many open days from various companies, agencies, service providers, etc. An open day from, for example, the police, fire brigade, army, farm, veterinary clinic, etc. can be very entertaining and educational . Children and parents can participate very actively in various components. Often more fun than mom or dad thinks.

There are more small zoos than you think

Ever heard of a zoo with mainly owls or mainly reptiles or special poultry and other fowl? They are really there. Maybe near you. Googling often produces surprises.
Every province has at least one national park.
A national park has been purchased by the government and is also managed by the government. Such a park has marked walking and cycling routes, and in some cases also car routes . There are parks where there is a very educational and interesting visitor center. In some cases there are even game stations where you can spy on wildlife in the wild .

Plan your day out

You can often do more things in one day

A day out does not always mean that you only do one activity. For example, a visit to a petting zoo or a visitor center is not enough to fill a day. But a visit to a petting zoo and a visitor center may be enough. It is therefore recommended to decide in advance what you want. By planning a number of activities in one day you get a varied and fascinating day out. And….amusement parks are predictable and expensive. A ‘different’ day out can often be very surprising and a lot cheaper.

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