Cochem: swimming and sports in the Freizeitzentrum

When you are near Cochem, you should definitely visit the Freizeitzentrum. You will find a beautiful sports complex there, with numerous indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a sauna, mini golf, tennis courts, a bowling alley and a running track. Does all that exercise make you hungry? There is also a nice Italian restaurant where you can have a bite to eat at a reasonable price. In addition to the sports complex, there is also a beautiful campsite. For those who want to stay a little longer.

Cochem on the Moselle

Cochem is located in Germany, on the Moselle River. You will find Cochem about 40 kilometers below Koblenz and 60 kilometers above Trier. The tourist town is best known for its Reichsburg on the hill, overlooking the Moselle. You can also take brisk walks in the area, such as on the Traumpfaden.

The Freizeitzentrum in Cochem

Where can you find the Freizeitzentrum?

Cochem’s Freizeitzentrum is located at Moritzburger Strasse 1. To get there, leave the center and climb up the hill. In return you get beautiful views. You can find it very easily by following the arrows Moselbad”.

The Moselbad: swim laps and sway on the waves

The Freizeitcentrum consists of various parts. One of them is the Moselbad. A beautiful swimming pool complex

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