Get a breath of fresh air, stroll and have fun in the parks of Bangkok

A visit to Bangkok can be an impressive experience, but it can also seem quite warm and oppressive. The temperatures are high, there is a lot of traffic and that does not improve the air quality. To relax you can visit a park. The city has many interesting parks, where it seems like you can breathe better and relax. It is therefore a favorite place for Thais to spend their days off or early evenings. Which parks are there and what can you expect?

Parks in Bangkok

  • The green heart: Lumpini Park
  • Romantic picnic, walk or sports: Benjakitti Park
  • Queens Park Sirikit: Benjasiri Park
  • The palatial park of the old city: Saranrom Park
  • The Royal Field: Sanam Luang
  • The immense King Rama IX Park
  • Artists on the waterfront: Santichaiprakarn Park
  • Jazz and music: Santiphap Park
  • Rama V and food on the water combined: Phra Chulachomklao Fort Park
  • Antiquities and nature combined: Ancient City
  • Some small parks


Parks of Bangkok

A . Lumphini Park
B . Benjakiti Park
C . Benjasiri Park
D . Saranrom Park
E . Sanam Luang
F . Romaneenart Park
G . Chatuchak Park Queen Sirikit Park Rot Fai Park
H . King Rama IX
Park I. Santichaiprakarn Park
J . Santiphap Park
K . Thon Burirom Park
L . Public Park in Commemoration of HM the
King M. Phra Chulachomklao Fort Park
N . The Ancient City

The green heart: Lumpini Park

The most famous park within the city limits is undoubtedly Lumpini Park. It is also called the green lung of the city, because it provides shade and purifies the air. It offers space to relax and is a place for ordinary Thais to unwind . Often at dawn or in the afternoon when the sun is less bright, people go outside to practice sports in the immense park. Health is extremely important to the Thais and that is why this place is used eagerly. You see many elderly people doing exercise exercises in the morning and in the evening many do collective aerobics dance or jogging some distance away. In addition, this oasis in the city offers space for many flora and fauna. Since 1920, the park has grown into a gathering place for many activities, festivals, charity campaigns, relaxation, sports and so on. So you will always find entertaining events or happenings in Lumpini Park, but you can also relax in the park after a busy travel schedule.

Romantic picnic, walk or sports: Benjakitti Park

The surroundings of the Benjakitti Park are imposing and impressive. The blue heart is home to a vast lake called Lake Ratchade, which includes a nature reserve including walking, jogging and cycling routes. Because the city skyline rises beautifully above the water feature, it is a feast for the eyes. You can take a quiet walk in the cooling evening breeze with all the lights of the skyline in the background. It is an impressive scene, where everything seems very romantic due to the reflection of lights in the vast water. It is a popular park for walking with a loved one, strolling or sitting together along the water.

Queens Park Sirikit: Benjasiri Park

The park was created in 1992 to commemorate Queen Sirikit’s sixtieth birthday. In addition to a diversity of flora and fauna, the park is decorated with many types of sculptures made by the best Thai artists. The centerpiece of the park is a fountain created by legendary sculptor Mesium Yipinsoy. Here you can see a spectacular water dance show every day at 6:00 AM, 12:00 PM and 6:00 PM, automatically generated by the fountain. In addition to the water feature, it also offers the opportunity to play basketball, tennis, an outdoor swimming pool, volleyball and skating.

The palatial park of the old city: Saranrom Park

This park previously had several functions, such as the gardens at the Saranrom Palace (1866). Moreover, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was housed here during Rama V. Afterwards it was a military headquarters and served as a residence for foreign guests. In 1960, the territory was given to the capital to create a botanical garden for Thai citizens to enjoy. It currently forms a beautifully landscaped green park with sufficient coolness and shade. It has many ponds and an exuberant variety of flowers.

The Royal Field: Sanam Luang

The large field in the center of the city near the Grand Palace initially served as the Royal Cremation Area for Kings. Since Rama III, however, this has been done outside the old city walls. It is an important gathering place for many Thais to do fun activities outside the home. For example, King Bumibhol’s birthday is celebrated en masse every year on December 5. The square is also used for quadrennial elections. On normal days it is a place for relaxation or exercise. You can have a picnic there in the afternoon or early evening, while enjoying Asian football. In addition, many important cultural heritage buildings surround the square, making it a central place to view everything in peace.

The immense King Rama IX Park

The largest green park in Bangkok is King Rama IX Park. It was constructed in 1987 for the King’s 60th birthday. If you prefer places where there are practically no tourists to be seen, then you have come to the right place. It houses many species of flora and fauna located around a large-scale water feature. It is located approximately 15 km outside the center and can be reached fairly quickly. There are several buildings of ceremonial significance in the park. A visit gives you insight into how the Thais use the park to enjoy days off together with the family.

Artists on the waterfront: Santichaiprakarn Park

Santichaiprakarn Park houses one of the last remaining remnants of the original fortress that defended Bangkok. The park is built around this building and is located on the Chao Phraya River. In the evening it is a good place to stay because the climate is determined by the river. Mainly during the weekend, artists and listeners gather to enjoy beautiful local music. It is a popular place for city dwellers to relax and socialize. Because of its favorable location on the water, you can watch a beautiful sunset from the park with the large river as a backdrop.

Jazz and music: Santiphap Park

This park is located directly near the Victory Monument and can easily be combined within one visit. It is a relatively small park, but has many activities. This brings together many musicians, where people sit together to enjoy good music or jazz. In addition, many children play in the park. It is a nice musical variety within a trip.

Rama V and food on the water combined: Phra Chulachomklao Fort Park

Source: Http://geinformeerd.infoteur.nlThe Phra Chulachomklao Fort Park located within the walls of a military fortress is a beautiful place to relax. It is located on the Chao Phraya River just before it flows into the sea. The climate is always favorable, because there is usually a strong breeze from the sea or the water. The park is built around the statue of King Rama V and offers a good opportunity to relax, stroll and stroll. In addition, a military ship, the HTMS MaeKlong, originally built in Japan, is located on the shore. The ship has been in service with the Thai army for 60 years and can now be visited freely. There is also a nice restaurant on the shore, where you can enjoy delicious food while looking over the river.

Antiquities and nature combined: Ancient City

The Ancient City located below Bangkok in Samut Prakarn is a major attraction. The park is, as it were, a large open-air museum, with many original and copied buildings to be preserved for posterity. You can cycle through the park while enjoying the weather and the beautifully maintained locations. Moreover, you have a great view of the park from a centrally located hill with a fort on top. You can see the sea on the horizon. If you go here, you should take a few hours because the park is quite extensive.

Some small parks

There are several small parks throughout Bangkok, which are often used by the locals in the morning or evening for exercise and trimming:

  • Thon Burirom Park: this is a small park with a romantic pond where couples like to picnic;
  • Public Park in Commemoration of HM the King located next to the Rama IX Bridge. It was specially designed for King Bumibhol’s birthday on December 5, 1999 in honor of the construction of the bridge. It has a beautiful river promenade of Oriental design. It is visited by many Thais and also foreigners for inspiration;
  • Chatuchak, Queen Sirikit and Rot Fai Park: these parks are located near the well-known Chatuchak market. These parks are meant for relaxing and relaxing after a busy day at work. Many Thais eagerly use it.

Please note that virtually all parks have opening and closing times. Be informed about special occasions, parties or festivals that are organized in several places. If there is a demonstration going on, make sure you avoid the crowd. You will often be warned by the travel organization of occurring disturbances. To this end, keep an eye on news from the Dutch Embassy.

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