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Because the exchange rate of the Bath is very favorable compared to the Euro, the country is relatively cheap for Europeans. This means that many visitors take another day after their trip to do extensive shopping in order to use up the remaining Baths. There are many different markets, popular shopping complexes and so on, where you have a lot of choice. In different parts of the city you of course have the well-known Malls, department stores or Centrals where many shops come together. The design is large and it all looks the same. What other cheap markets are there to make purchases or have a good time in Bangkok?

Popular markets Bangkok

  • Affordable shopping for home
  • Relatively cheap markets Bangkok
  • Cheap department stores par excellence
  • More expensive department stores with world brand names
  • Outside Bangkok Floating Market


Affordable shopping for home

The price in Thailand is lower for practically all purchases than in the Netherlands or Belgium. If you are visiting the country, it is also the perfect time to do bulk shopping, so that you can get back to work at home or buy beautiful clothes at a favorable price. It also applies that the asking price does not have to be the cost price, because haggling is often part of it. This way you can conveniently get a suitcase full of clothes or belongings, so that you can give gifts or memories to your family, for example. Which places around Bangkok have a nice offer, where the shopping experience is enjoyable?

Nice locations to make purchases

A . Bang Nam Phueng Floating Market (mainly food)
B . Pratunam Market (all kinds of clothes dirt cheap)
C . The Platinum Fashion Mall (fashion at a reasonable price)
D . Phantip Plaza Store (IT
E . Central World (largest shopping center)
F . Siam Paragon (all world brands for sale)
G . MBK Shopping Center
H . China Town (Sampheng) many streets with connected markets
I . Chatuchak Market
J . Asiatique Harbor Market
K . Flower market (Saphan Phut)
L . Bo Bea Market (oldest and cheapest clothing market)
M . Bo Bae Tower
N . Nang Loeng (Floating) Market (1899 lavish food offering)
O . Taling Chan Floating Market
P . Wat Sai Floating Market
Q. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
R. Amphawa Floating Market

Relatively cheap markets Bangkok

You can use the last day in Bangkok to rest, but also to do some shopping. You arrived with a half-empty suitcase and you can fill it completely without it costing too much. Consider, among other things, the following nice locations for shopping.

Bo Bae Market

The oldest and cheapest whole-sale (modern and traditional Thai) clothing and fruit market. It is known for a large amount of good quality clothing, which you can often obtain at a favorable price. You can get brand name T-shirts from 50 Bath.

Bang Nam Phueng Floating Market

An extensive variety of stands along the water offer you a wide range of Thai dishes and regional products. Open on weekends between eight in the morning and three in the afternoon. Source: Http://


The largest market in Bangkok with probably up to 15,000 stalls. Everything you want from Thai to foreign from clothing, fishing to food you can get here. If you have special wishes, you will be able to find it at this market.


China Town: a continuous row of selling streets. Gold shops, eateries, jewelery and trinket shops are lined up street after street. Just the experience of seeing the people, sea and trade is impressive. Of course you can also enjoy delicious Chinese food here (note that the taste of Chinese is different than in the Netherlands).

Nang Loeng Market, Saphan Phut

A market dating from 1899 with fantastic Thai food (Nang Loeng Market). It is an attractive authentic market where the taste buds are well stimulated. Saphan Phut Flower Market: the traditional flower market with exuberant scents and bright colors, interspersed with cheap clothing stands.


The clothing market par excellence. Whatever clothing you want, you can get it here at a bargain price. T-shirts with a special motif, skirts, trousers, underwear, traditional, you name it, you can find it here. Here you can fill your suitcase by taking home attractive offers.

Taling Chang Floating Market

Situated just outside Bangkok, but quickly accessible. Here you will find all kinds of local delicacies and other goods. Please note that this market can be very busy and negotiations are required at every stand. Some people also experience it as less positive or call it a negative experience. The advice here is to go there early with a pre-arranged tour or drive a car yourself to get there. A possible taxi ride there should not cost more than 350 to 400 Bath. Due to the large number of sellers and the crowds of boats, virtually no tourists can fit in anymore.

Cheap department stores par excellence

In addition to markets, there are also many complexes where you can get competitively priced retail. Consider the following locations:

  • Bo Bae Tower: whole-sale (modern and traditional clothing). If you prefer a chilled environment near Bo Bae with the same range of clothing, go to the Bo Bae Tower;
  • Panthip Plaza: the less legal way to obtain IT, software or computers is done in this cheap complex. The DVDs are, as it were, copied on the spot. In addition, you can purchase many types of electronics for a very favorable price;
  • Platinum Fashion Mall: This building is located just opposite the Pratunam Market. It houses many floors of nice shops, stands and stalls where you can get modern or contemporary clothing at a relatively affordable price. If you have a special taste, you can go here and it doesn’t have to cost too much;
  • other Central’s, department stores and Mall’s.

In addition to the previous cheap markets and department stores, you also have a choice of more luxurious purchasing addresses.

More expensive department stores with world brand names

You can make purchases as expensive as you want. Jetset and brand name stores are also plentiful in Bangkok. These are mainly concentrated in the following spacious, well-known shopping complexes:

  • Asiatique Harbor market: a newly developed location on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. A good climate (wind from the water) in combination with a unique shopping experience is worth it. Several boutiques, shops and studios are offered to you;
  • Central World: Thailand’s largest shopping center can be found here. You can find many floors of businesses, shops, etc. in every area;
  • MBK Shopping Center: comparable to a standard Central or Department store, but with a modern look;
  • Siam Paragon: the pearl of shopping Bangkok may be Siam Paragon. All trendy stores from expensive to exclusive offer beautiful high-quality products for those with a well-filled wallet.


Outside Bangkok Floating Market

In addition to the previous interesting locations to make purchases, there are also great purchasing locations outside the city. Think of:

  • Amphawa floating market;
  • Damnoen Saduak Floating market.

These and other markets are beautifully constructed, look neat and you are treated kindly. You have a lot of space to visit many shops for a long time, but also to try out local products.

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