Italy: Como and Lake Como

With a surface area of 146 square kilometers, Lake Como is the third largest of the Italian Alpine lakes. The city of Como also has a rich history and many sights, making it known as a tourist attraction.


Lake Como, also called Lago di Como or Lario and named after the city of Como, is located at an altitude of 198 meters and has a depth of 410 meters. This makes Lake Como, which is completely surrounded by mountains, the deepest lake in Italy. The lake is smaller than Lake Maggiore and Lake Garda, but still has the longest coastline. This is because Lake Como is shaped like an upside-down letter Y.
There is a small island in the lake, called Isola Comacina. Studios for artists were built there.
The city of Como has approximately 84,000 inhabitants. The most important and famous place is Piazza Cavour, where ferries and cruise ships dock. Here you can also find most hotels and restaurants. Como is also known as the silk city. This is because Como owes its prosperity to the processing and production of silk, which is still being produced in abundance. Since 1990, a silk museum, the Museo didattico della Seta di Como, has been open.


  • Bellagio: Bellagio is the meeting point of the two arms of Lake Como. This place is considered a chic seaside resort. It does require some effort to get to Bellagio because the village is built against a hill. You can find beautiful houses, churches, shops and restaurants.
  • Bellagio-Lecco: is the eastern arm of Lake Como. Here you can find the historic core of Como and see how the iron industry has developed.
  • Bellagio-Como: is the western arm of Lake Como. Here you can find beautiful houses and villas along the entire shore of the lake.
  • Como-Laglio: the western shore. There are many charming villages and luxurious villas here. The most famous villa is Villa d’Este in Cernobbio, which has been one of the most expensive hotels in Europe since 1873. Sharon Stone, Paul McCartney and Arnold Schwarzenegger, among others, have already spent the night there.
  • Brienno-Mezzegra: Villa del Balbianello is located in Brienno-Mezzegra. Scenes for Star Wars, Oceans Twelve and Casino Royale were filmed here. From the garden you can see Isola Comacina, the only island in Lake Como.
  • Tremezzo-Menaggio: Villa Carlotta is located in Tremezzo, which was once the residence of Princess Charlotte of Bavaria. Today it is a museum with furniture and art from the 18th century. You can have a picnic in the garden of the villa.


George Clooney

American actor George Clooney has a holiday home in the town of Laglio on Lake Como. In Laglio you have to drive under a pedestrian bridge that connects Clooney’s two villas. You can sometimes even catch a glimpse of him from the water.

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