Germany: what can you do in the Lahn region?

We all know the Moselle and the Rhine. If you want to enjoy a more idyllic and quieter river in the same region, the Lahn should be your choice. A tributary of the Rhine, opposite the Moselle and about 300 kilometers long. Much less tourism and the ideal place for canoeing . The banks are good for cycling and along the way you pass a number of very beautiful towns and villages, such as Limburg an der Lahn. But you can also travel a short distance next to the beautiful river on foot. The region around Diez and Nassau is very popular with Dutch people, because the Dutch royal family also wrote a piece of history here.

The Lahn

The Lahn is a tributary of the Rhine, opposite the Moselle. Just below Koblenz this quiet river departs to the right, towards Limburg an der Lahn. The estuary is in Lahnstein and about 300 kilometers and 12 locks further the source is in the Rothaar Mountains. The Lahn forms the natural border between Westerwald and Taunus. Along the way, the river also crosses the Nassau Nature Park. The region around the Lahn is also strongly linked to the Dutch royal family. There is a castle in Nassau that belongs to them.

By bike next to the Lahn

Next to the Lahn you will find the Lahnradweg. On this flat cycling route of about 245 kilometers next to the river you will encounter many nice villages and towns. The signage is fine. You can rent bicycles at various places next to the river. Sometimes you cycle on the right bank of the Lahn, sometimes on the left bank. There is no cycle path between Geilnau and Laurenburg, but you can easily take the train here in Balduinstein. You can take your bicycle for free! If you don’t want to get on the train, you can go via Holzappel, but then you have to climb quite a bit! The complete explanation of this route can be found on the tourist cycling map Radtouren Rhein-Lahn – Immer im Kreis herum”. You can buy this card at all tourist offices in the region.

Walking next to the Lahn

Nassau Nature Park

The Lahn crosses the Nassau Nature Park (590 kmĀ²). You can take beautiful walks here in the Westerwald or in the Taunus Mountains. There are beautiful views along the way and here and there you will find a shelter. At Lahnstein and Bad Ems you can follow a Waldlehrpfad

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