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Bangkok is a versatile city, where young and old can enjoy the rich Thai culture. The city with more than 8 million inhabitants has many daytime attractions, but also a vibrant nightlife. It is the beginning and often the end point for every traveler who visits the city. Because you have relatively little time in the city – you have a tight travel schedule and therefore have a limited time in the city – you are looking for a fun way of transport that avoids traffic jams. What are the main methods of transportation in Bangkok so that you are transported in a pleasant way?

Transportation in Bangkok

  • Avoiding the hustle and bustle of the city
  • The Tuk Tuk and motorcycle
  • Look across the river
  • View the city from the water
  • Move quickly through the city
  • The MRT subway
  • Nice cycling
  • Quick connection to Pattaya
  • Tip transport in Bangkok


Avoiding the hustle and bustle of the city

The city center is busy to very busy, and the heat and possible smog can be oppressive. So you’re looking for a fun way to be transported without getting too stressed. You would like to see some of the highlights, but you only have limited time. How can you ensure that you spend little time on transport, so that you can spend a relatively large amount of time visiting locations? So you shouldn’t waste time finding the right bus connection, because it will be quite a task. How can you quickly move through the city?

The Tuk Tuk and motorcycle

Source: Http:// To cover relatively short distances, it is preferable not to use a taxi or bus. Of course, for those who have time and are not in a hurry, the taxi is a comfortable method. For Westerners it is a relatively cheap mode of transport. However, it takes a lot of time, because there are often traffic jams and delays in the city center. The Tuk Tuk is a relatively small means of transport, in which two to three people can sit. It steers cleverly through busy traffic, so you can get to another place relatively quickly. Please note that the comfort is less and therefore suitable for the relatively short distance. Another way is by motorcycle, but that is relatively dangerous and is only recommended if there is no other method of transport.

Look across the river

The big river is an important divider in the city. Many tourists stay on one side of the river, while there is also a lot to see on the other side. If you visit the city, take a ferry to the other side, so you know what’s going on there. You often come Source: Http://geinformeerd.infoteur.nin the less touristy areas, where you will find more of the daily activities of normal citizens. Please note that as a tourist you will be treated differently in busy areas than if you travel outside those areas. So it is sometimes interesting to go into a different street than usual or to look on the other side of the river. If you are at the large Phra Keaw Temple, walk to Tha Chang pier (walk through the market) so that you can cross by ferry. Then you end up at Wat Rakhang and experience daily spiritual rituals, in addition to which you can feed impressively large fish in large numbers along the river.

View the city from the water

Many beautiful temples and other impressive sites can be conveniently reached by boat. The Chao Phraya Express Boat is a very suitable means of transport, because you have a spectacular view of the city on the water. Many beautiful buildings and temples pass by and if you want, you can step out and look further. The Express Boat route is relatively long, giving you a good impression of the city. The trip is quite pleasant, because the boat goes quite fast and thus creates a significant breeze. Most tourists who ultimately want to visit the island of Kho Kret travel to Nontaburi pier, after which an additional boat trip is taken to visit this special island. You can buy many types of local ceramics, products and natural Thai delicacies. The boat stops along the way at the largest important points from where you can visit many interesting sights. An additional fun activity is to do a canal tour, for example in Thonburi, where you pass through small canals at attractive locations and come into closer contact with the local population. You can find information and comments about the canal tour offered in the following link: Thai Canal Tour.

Map Chao Phraya Express Boat route and stops

A . Bang Pho
B . Wat Soi Thong
C . Rama 7 Bridge
D . Pibul Songkram
E . What Khema
F . Wat Tuek
G . What Kien
H . Pibul 2
I . Nonthaburi (transfer to Kho Khret)
J . Wat Poramaiykawas Kho Kret
K . Memorial Bridge
L . Rajini
M . Tha Tien
N . Tha Chang
O . Wang Lang Siririai
P . Wang Lang Prannok
Q . Phra Pinklao
R . Phra Arthit
S . Rama 8 Bridge
T . Thewes
U . Krung Thon Bridge
V . What Thepnari
W . Payap
X . Immigration Department
Y . Khiew Khai Ka
Z . Kiak Kai

Move quickly through the city

If you have a hotel in the center of the city, it is always busy. People are busy twenty-four hours a day and traffic moves slowly, especially during the day. You don’t want to be stuck in traffic during your short visit, so the BTS Skytrain offers good options. The route goes from Mo Chit (known for Bangkok’s largest market Chatuchak) to the coast near Meuang Boraan the old town and Crocodile Farm, and from Wongwian Yia to Suvarnabuhmi airport. If you arrive by plane, you will quickly reach your destination via the Airport link. It ensures that you get to the city quickly after checking out. Even as a back packer you can get there quickly, so you can look for an attractive place to stay. If you just want an overview of the city where you can quickly visit all ends of the city with air conditioning, use the BTS Skytrain system. This will always take you back to Siam Central, from where you can visit many attractions.

Map BTS route and stations

A . Suvarnabumhi Airport
B . Chit Lom
C . Phloen Chit
D . Nana
E . Asok
F . Phrom Phong
G . Thong Lo
H . Ekkamai
I . Phra Khanong
J . On Nut
K . Bang Chak
L . Punnawithi
M . Udom Suk
N . Bang Na
O . Bearing
P . Saphan Khwai
Q . Chatuchak Mo Chit
R . Ratchaprarop
S . Makkasan
T . Khong Tan
U . Ramkhamhaeng
V . Huamark
W . Thab Chang
X . Ban Thapchang
Y . What Lan Bun
Z . Lat Krabang

The MRT subway

Bangkok also has a metro system in the center, which allows you to move around the city easily. It connects to the BTS rail system at Silom, Asok (Sukhumvit), Makkasan (Phetchaburi slightly apart) and Chatuchak Mo Chit. It is therefore a useful addition to the BTS system, because you can reach an additional part of the city with it. So choose a hotel near the BTS or MRT system, so that you can visit many parts of the city conveniently and quickly. This means you lose little time and can therefore visit many places in the city in a limited period of time.

Map Metro MRT route and stations

A . Hua Lamphong
B . Sam Yan
C . Lumphini
D . Khlong Toei
E . Queen Sirikit National Convention Center
F . Sukhumvit
G . Phetchaburi
H . Rama 9
I . Thailand Cultural Center
J . Huai Khwang
K . Suttisan
L . Ratchadaphisek
M . Lat Phrao
N . Phahon Yothin
O . Chatuchak
P . Kamphaeng Phet
Q . Scared Sue

Nice cycling

It sounds strange, but in Bangkok you can get a good idea of the city on back roads, paved forests and mangrove paths. You can take an independent or organized tour, where you can visit many of the city’s historical highlights. It gives you a good idea of what the city has to offer in an alternative way. If you want to see the city in a sporty way, go cycling.

Quick connection to Pattaya

At present, the main way to get to Pattaya is by bus, taxi or scheduled transfer. This popular seaside resort attracts many tourists, mainly attracted by its vibrant nightlife. A fast connection from Bangkok to Pattaya is being developed so that tourists can get there quickly.
Please note that if a Thai approaches you to go somewhere, you have to be careful. It is often a tourist scam, which means you pay too much and sometimes do not arrive at the right place. You choose the method of transport yourself and do not let anyone else guide you. This way you prevent yourself from being cheated. If you take the taxi, make sure it has a working odometer. This way you know that you are paying a reliable rate.

Tip transport in Bangkok

Nowadays you can conveniently plot routes within the city via Google Maps, indicating different modes of transport. You can choose the car, bus, tram, BTS or metro. This way you can conveniently select the desired mode of transport and arrive at the right destination.

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