Now you can buy a little piece of meteorite, from Mars or the Moon

It seems incredible but those who have always wanted to have a piece of a meteorite, Mars or the Moon have their chance. Christie’s auction house is holding online auctions of meteorites that come from asteroids, the Moon and Mars.

Some of the rocks auctioned are of great beauty:

For example sphere of the Seymchan meteorite. It was discovered in Russia in 1967. The dial is polished to contemplate its beauty. It measures 5.8 cm in diameter, weighs 548 grams and the estimated price is USD 9,000 – 13,000

This is a complete meteorite from the planet Mars (NWA 7397), discovered in Smara, Morocco in 2012. Its size is 6.3×5.1×3.8 cm and its weight is 161.4 g. It is a basalt composed of large pyroxene crystals surrounding small olivine crystals among others. The most surprising thing is the estimated sale price: USD 35,000 – 55,000

If the prices of these meteorites seem expensive, the one that takes the top 1 comes from the Moon with a starting price of nothing more and nothing less than 110,000 US dollars.

This meteorite from the Moon is part of a larger meteorite, NWA 5000, from the highlands of the Moon discovered in Morocco. Its mineralogy and texture is unique among feldspathic meteorites on the moon. It also contains large fragments of metal that may have come from a meteorite that hit the moon. The NWA 5000 meteorite is very popular among collectors as well as research institutions and museums throughout the world. The size is 20 x 10.4 x 0.8 cm and its weight is 359 g.

As you can see, space rocks are just a few centimeters in size although they are not cheap at all! Would you bid for any?

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