5 Characteristics of lysosomes

Lysosomes play a crucial role in intracellular digestion and waste disposal processes, thus maintaining balance and cell homeostasis.

Characteristics of lysosomes

    1. Lysosomes are cytoplasmic organelles present in eukaryote cells containing digestive enzymes.
    2. Form and size: The lysosomes are spherical-shaped vesicles with a diameter that usually varies between 0.1 and 1.2 micrometers.
    3. Lipid membrane: They are surrounded by a lipid membrane that separates them from the cytoplasm and isolates them from the rest of the cell.
    4. Enzymatic content: They contain various hydrolytic enzymes, such as proteases, lipastes, nucleases and glucosidase, among others, which can break down a wide range of molecules.
    5. Acid pH: The inside of the lysosomes is highly acidic, with an optimal pH for enzyme activity.

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